DUPES: TESTING EBAY FAKES?! Are they worth it?

EDIT: I have now stopped buying fake products. I’ve actually now educated myself fully and now the full risks. No, I am not the ‘Fake Police’ and I’m not going to ram my views down your throat, but I would much rather pay full price for a product and know it doesn’t contain ingredients like glue and rat shit, than to save a few pounds.

I recently brought a few ‘Fake’ products off of eBay to try out for you all, just to see if they’re worth buying, saving you a lot of dosh. Who doesn’t love a dupe? FYI though, as its not from the actually company, be careful if you’re allergic to certain ingredients and are vegan, as the dupes may not be suitable for you.

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit – Skylie


I am in love with bright and bold colours on your lips recently, and with blue being my favourite colour, I couldn’t say no to this! I already have a real lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics, but wanted to see if eBay could save me the hassle of long shipping times and big shipping fees since I live in the UK.
The packaging is pretty much the exact same as the real deal. The only thing I noticed is how it feels quite cheap when you unscrew the lid if that makes sense…
It is very pigmented, and applies very easily! Definitely will be keeping this!
Also, when I tried to remove this product it definitely was very stubborn to stay on! Good if you don’t fancy re-applying throughout the day. Bad if you’re not wanting to wear this shade for the rest of your life.
100% would recommend buying these from eBay. I wouldn’t say that they’re exactly the same, and I do prefer the real kit, but this works just as well!

Brought for £5.99 + Free P&P

Kylie Cosmetics Kyliner – Salted Caramel


I was so excited for this to be released. I had been after a really bold highlighter for awhile, and this seemed to full all my highlighting dreams! I decided again, not to go and purchase from Kylie Cosmetics due to fees, and decided to try one I saw online.
I HATE the packaging. Its cardboard instead of plastic which highlighters usually come in, and makes me feel as if it could be easier to damage, which wouldn’t be good if you travel a lot.
The actually product is the most pigmented product I have EVER tried. It is absolutely stunning. The only way I would be able to wear this as a highlighter would be to only apply the smallest amount. Otherwise, this would make a beautiful eyeshadow, which I think I’m going to use it as, or if you were going out for the evening, this would look gorgeous on your collarbones.
If I ever ran out of this, I’d definitely head to eBay first before buying directly from Miss. Jenner

Brought for £13.95 + Free P&P


Lime Crime – Velentine Set Trio (Beet it, Buffy, Peacock)


I admit it. I only brought this for the shade Peacock, which if you look up online, is absolutely stunning. when it arrived it didn’t look anything like I had previously seen. I decided to put it on, and it was the most awful consistency as you can see from the photo. I couldn’t get an even covering on, even with multiple layers. The other two on the other hand, were amazing. I don’t think Beet It suits me that well, but decided to keep it as it may look better when I finally (maybe) get a tan. Buffy though… I love this. when I brought this set, I thought that was going to be the one I threw away. Perfect everyday shade.
Say that, I would honestly just buy directly from Lime Crime in the future instead.

Brought for £10.99 + Free P&P

Urban Decay – Naked 2 Palette 


I honesty cannot remember when I brought this, but its definitely been in my collection for a while now. As you can see, Booty call is nearly all gone, since it was damaged before I received it.
Now this palette is a real hit and miss with me. Some of the colours are stunning, and so highly pigmented, where others like Foxy and Blackout are awful. Luckily, both these shades are quite a standard eyeshadow colour, and wouldn’t be difficult to find a drugstore alternative.
I now have the real palette from Urban Decay, and it is beautiful. Definitely worth buying the real deal.

I’m not sure how much I paid for this as it was awhile back.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Moon Child Glow Kit


WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I only got this today, but ohhh boy. I am in love. The colours are so so so beautiful! As soon as I opened it, I headed straight towards Pink Heart. I cannot wait to try these out properly.

Brought for £6.95 + Free P&P

Benefit – The Porefessional


I don’t know where to start with this. It is horrible. I use the real The Porefessional every time I wear makeup, and it makes my skin look amazing. It was actually my mum who brought this, and didn’t like it, so passed it down to me. It has a weird colouring to it, almost like a foundation. I tried to blend it into my hand more, and it just swirled around. Definitely will not be trying any more The Professional fakes again. The legit one is the winner for me.

I did not purchase this, so not sure of the pricing, but I’ve included a link of another one.

So, in the end, fakes did win in my opinion. I love buying makeup from brands, and it also makes me feel more confident whilst wearing it, if I know I’ve got the real deal on my face, but if you’re saving the pennies, eBay is the way forward.

I have some more products arriving soon, so there will soon be part 2! Let me know what products you want me to try out next!

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