Dear My 21 Year Old Self

Dear future self,

You’re currently weeks off being 20, and will not longer be a teenager. That is crazy.

I hope you’ve actually finished a few of them online courses that you paid for and haven’t even started yet. Get your arse into gear women. And for gods sake, I hope you’ve landed yourself an amazing promotion and aren’t unemployed… at least promise me that…

Knowing us (well me), I know you would have changed ALOT. This is a good thing. Don’t be afraid. I hope you’ve learned to bite the bullet with experience, and just go for it. Stop backing out of dates goddammit, and start experiencing the world and all the little things (as scary as they may be).

I hope you’re still friends with the people you are now, unless they turn out to be dickheads. But fingers crossed they won’t, since you have the best people around you currently. Also, your family are awesome. Don’t let petty arguments with them ruin anything.

I say maybe because I highly doubt you will have, but maybe you’ve joined a gym? You’ve been telling yourself for years.

I hope you’ve learned to stop spending money willy nilly and actually have a savings account your proud of. Also, I pray that you’ve at least seen more of the world than you have now. Get yourself to Sri Lanka gal! You’ve also been wanting to jump out of a plane… Any news on that yet?

Who knows if you’ll even be writing on this blog then. You’ve most likely come across this when you’re 50, still tucked up in bed watching netflixs. But lets hope you’re still posting.

We can only hope you’re doing okay.

Love from Brooke – 2017



  1. Lorraine
    21st May 2017 / 2:35 pm

    One word….PROUD xxx

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