I Had My Endometriosis Removal Surgery!

Ok, so I’m on so much morphine right now that I can barely remember my own name, but I though it would be best if I started this post day by day, so I don’t forget anything… Also, I talk about a lot of gross things and some which is a bit TMI. If you read this, you’ll never look at me the same way. I apologise.


Day one:

7:30am: I arrived at the hospital, and was shown to my room. I had to fill in a few questions and sign for consent and all the usual stuff. Next thing I know, my nurse is asking loads of questions, and she said she has to rush because I’ll be going down in the next 10 minutes! I’d only been there less than an hour! I sign all the papers and put on the gown and the sexy stockings they give you to stop blood clots.

8:30am: I’m walking down to theatre, and I’m panicking so much about this bloody cannula. If you know me or have ever mentioned the word around me, I cannot stand blood tests and IVs being put in. Afterwards I’m fine, but whilst they’re doing it? No no. The anaesthetist were so so good with me. They first put in some calming medicine, and then put in the anaesthetic. I remember he was asking me about music, but before I could answer, everything went black.

10:30am: Next thing I know is that I’m awake in recovery with an oxygen mask on and a pad the size of a mattress, since you can get breakthrough bleeding since they’ve been prodding my uterus for the last two hours.

I was quite worried when I woke up as when I had an operation in the past, my heart rate went crazy and I threw up all over the bed. I mentioned this to the anaesthetist and he gave me a high dose of anti-sickness while I was out of it. No sick so far.

They’ve been giving me some pretty strong meds at the minute, and I’m currently on Paracetamol, Tramadol, Diclofenac, Gabapentin and Morphine, hence why I’ll read this back, only to realise it makes no sense.

One thing I’ve learned from being in hospital, is that nurses are obsessed with wee, vaginas, and sticking things up your butt.

3:00pm: I have to tell the nurses every time I have a wee (which had to be done in a bed pan), so that they knew how much I am weeing. Afterwards, they keep coming in after I had weed to scan my bladder to see if I was retaining any. At first I was retaining something like 300ml, but I managed to get it down to 200ml. My surgeon had told the nurses that it couldn’t be any higher than 400ml or I would have to have a catheter, but this would be unlikely since it was coming down by its self.

I don’t know the time?!: This is one of the parts I don’t really remember. I was asleep through most of it, but luckily mum was there to hear what the doctors had to say. Not only did they find and remove endometriosis behind and on the sides of my uterus, but they also removed some scar tissue from a previous surgery. The surgeon came back later on, and I still couldn’t understand what was really happening…

11:00pm: Of course, my body being it’s stupid self ended up retaining 485ml of urine, which meant that I had to have one fitted. Two hours later, around 10 catheters and 2 doctors and 3 nurses all having a prod, it was finally in. Apparently they said something is wrong with my bladder muscles, but was too high to really understand what they were saying.


Day two:

5am: So I’ve had such a horrible night sleep. I think it didn’t help that I slept so much in the day. I pretty much saw every hour on the clock. My nurse did say that I’m a heavy sleeper though, since when she did my blood pressure, heart rate, and emptying my catheter, I didn’t wake up.

6am: She finally removed the catheter. Shortly after, my surgeon came over and said that they’ll keep it in until tomorrow, but I told her it was already out and thankfully didn’t put another one in.

12pm: They said if I don’t have a wee shortly, they may have to refit the catheter. I’m praying it won’t take as long as it did last night if I must have it again…

3pm: I HAD A WEE! This has to be the most exciting part of my day. Goodbye catheter! The physio came over afterwards and got me to walk around for a bit. Apparently the nurses are shocked with how well I’m doing with all things considered! My night nurse last night even rang and asked how I was doing!

3pm onwards: I cannot remember any of the times in which everything happened from this point onwards. My surgeon came around again, and said that it was likely I’d need to stay in until Tuesday, since they wouldn’t be able to give me morphine to take home over the weekend and bank holiday. As much as I want to go home, I’m quite glad they’re not kicking me out until I’m ready.

Day three:

So, the surgeon came around AGAIN this morning with my nurse, Louise. Louise managed to get hold of the pharmacy today, and they managed to sort me out some pain relief so I could go home today! They told me that it was completely up to me if I wanted to stay or come home, but I chose to come home (obviously), since everyone feels better once they’re in their own bed.

I am now currently trying to keep my eyes open, but once again, morphine has kicked in. The car ride home was a nightmare, but for anyone having surgery on their stomach, I definitely recommend a pillow to put in-between the seat belt and yourself.

I wanted to say a massive, massive, massive thank you to everyone who has sent me or my mum messages to see how I was doing, and a massive thank you to the amazing nurses and doctors I had looking after me. You’ve all been so kind.

As you can see from the photos, the cuts are luckily tiny, as she removed the Endo by keyhole. Its surprising how cuts that tiny can cause so much pain…

Also, since I’m going to be bed bound for a while, I will be posting quite a bit. Please bare with me as I am fully aware that my posts might not make any sense.

Thank you all! xo

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  1. Lorraine
    28th May 2017 / 6:18 pm

    You are an absolute star, love you xx

  2. 6th June 2017 / 5:54 am

    I hope you are recovering quickly and healing up nicely. Look forward to reading future blogs.

  3. 6th June 2017 / 10:52 am

    I’m currently going through all the tests to see if I have endo and I’m really worried about having to have surgery as I’m planning on going travelling in Aug 🙁 Glad that yours went well! X

    • 6th June 2017 / 10:54 am

      Good luck! Unfortunately surgery is the only way to confirm you have endometriosis, but hopefully it doesn’t get in the way of your travelling! xx

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