1 Week Endometriosis Surgery Update!

Hello all!

Today marks one week since I had my Endometriosis growth removal surgery and I wanted to 1. let those who are interested in what’s happening, and 2. clear a few things up. If you want to read about how the surgery itself went, click HERE.

IMG_5121_Fotor.jpgI luckily managed to get away with having two incisions, which are on my lower left hand side, and then also one in my belly button. I have a scar on my top right hand side, which you can see, from a previous laparoscopy, so that’s what they’ll look like when they heal, fingers crossed!


So, I was honestly hoping I would feel better. I can’t hardly walk, and the pain is worse than it was before the surgery. I know this is all apart of the recovery, but right now, I wish I never had the surgery done. I’ve having such difficulty sleeping, eating, and even going for a wee… I’ve been in contact with my surgeon a lot, and hoping to hear back from her today, since her secretary is concerned the lower incision is infected.

I’m having to take pain killers every 4 hours, and even then, it doesn’t feel like its enough! IMG_5123_Fotor.jpg

‘So, do you still have endometriosis?’

Quite frankly. Yes. Endometriosis currently has no cure. Even though she removed the growths she found, there’s still a chance that they will keep growing back, and I could end up having surgery every time they grow back, but I won’t know when/if they will grow back. Time will tell. The main thing I’m so thankful for is that I went private instead of the NHS. Endometriosis is something that is not widely known about. Doctors included. If you can, try to go private and find yourself a doctor that knows their shit!

‘Wait, you had them cut out? I thought they lasered them out?’

The majority of patients who have the surgery do have their endometriosis lasered out. This is another reason to go private. Private doctors (from my experience and research) tend to do excision surgery instead of lasering. Having your growths cut out means they’re able to get right down to the root, meaning there’s less chance of grow back. But, even with having an excision, 40 to 80 percent of women will have endo pain within two years of surgery.

It’ll be having a follow-up appointment (I haven’t had the date of that yet), which she’ll be telling me more in-depth of what she found etc. Also, she managed to get photos of it, and for some reason, I’m super excited to see them.

Once again, I cannot thank my family and friends enough. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you.

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