REVIEW: Nuxe Travel Skincare Essentials

I recently purchased the Nuxe Travel Skincare Essentials from Birchbox. This is a Birchbox exclusive, but you can pick one up for yourselves HERE and subscribe HERE. The set itself is also worth £21.75, but the kits are being sold for £16 currently! It also comes with the Nuxe bag, which is really useful for when traveling!

I always see beauty sets popping up all over the place, but usually only want one or two things from it, so end up with products sitting around my house for ages! When Birchbox emailed me this, I knew I would use all the products, so grabbed one straight away.

I’ve also included links to buy the individual products full-sized, on their own if you are interested in snatching these up!

Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals Bottle 200ml

I’ve used micellar waters in the past, and was highly impressed. I currently have the B. micellar water, and I knew it would be tough to beat. Now, I haven’t actually used this to remove makeup yet, so I cannot comment on that.

The packaging on all these products are obviously travel sized, with the micellar water being 35ml/1.1 FL. OZ. This size is perfect for me, as I have a smaller bag I carry around in my usual handbag, which has my beauty products, medications, headphones etc. (Post on that soon), and this fits perfectly inside that. The only think I would say it that it doesn’t have a very good ‘stopper’ on the top of the bottle, meaning that if it were to tip, you would lose all your product.

The smell honestly confuses me a lot. I can’t work out what it smells like. Since it contains rose petals, I would assumed that it would just smell like straight up roses. At first, it smelt like baby lotion, and then a bath bomb that I have tried from Lush in the past. It was only when it dried that it smelt like roses. None of these smells were unpleasant, and I personally like a product that still smells when applied and dried.

When applied, my skin felt so soft and soothed, and I love how the smell lasted a long time. Definitely would repurchase this in the future if it removes makeup well!

Dry Oil Huile Prodigieuse® Splash bottle 50ml 

I personally don’t use this product on either my face or hair, and only use this on my body. I get super, super greasy hair, and didn’t want to add anything else that will make my hair more greasy. I also get acne breakouts, and even though I have used coconut oil and argon oil in the past, I wasn’t 100% set on using this on my face.

The packaging again, suits me perfectly. The glass bottle is only 10ML/0.33 FL. OZ, so can imagine this being used up super quickly if you’re using it everywhere like it suggests. I may just be very stupid, but I find it quite difficult to pour the oil onto my body without it dripping everywhere. Even when applied to my hands first, and then rubbed onto my body, I still find it drips everywhere. I am a very messy/clumsy person, so this doesn’t help!

The smell. Oh my god. If I could smell like this all the time, I would die happy. I can’t even describe what it smells like, but it reminds me of summer and holidays. Yes. Please.

After applying, I found my body to not just smell great, but to look great. It may be a placebo effect, but everything just looked more healthy if that makes sense?! I definitely would use this on my hair if I lived by the sea or went swimming a lot or just had dry hair in general. I may even try doing a hair mask with this one day if I’m brave enough…

Rêve de Miel® Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm Jar 15ml

This is my new ride or die. How have I ever been without this before?! Never have I used a lip balm that is this good. If you don’t have this. GET IT!

The packaging is full-sized lip balm at 15ML/0.52 FL. OZ. The product is stored in a glass bottom jar, with a plastic white lid. I don’t particularly like products that are stored in jars or pots, since I have long nails, and hate getting product underneath, but since this balm is completely amazing, it doesn’t put me off re-purchasing.

The smell literally smells of honey. It’s very sweet and mouth-watering, and makes me crave honeycomb ice cream every time I smell this.

After applying, my lips feel the best they ever have. I admit, I am useless at taking care of my lips, since most of the lip balms I have tried only work whilst the product is on, and then as soon as it has sunk in, my lips are back to being dry again. This honestly has been my life saver. Wouldn’t go with any other lip balm now! I would say it’s quite pricey, but definitely worth every penny.

Moisturising Cream Crème Prodigieuse® Tube 40 ml

This product is actually recommended to be used with the micellar water, but on its own, it’s still incredible.

The packaging is small and dainty and the product is stored in a 15ml/0.50 FL. OZ white squeezy tube. I’m super glad that this didn’t come in a jar! Even though I prefer the look of jars, I’m team tube all the way.

The smell is amazing like all of the Nuxe products! I love them! They actually do body mists, and I need to get my hands on them ASAP! It smells like the body oil, only creamier. I LOVE IT!

When applying, the product somehow feels like it gets thicker when you apply? I may be going mad though. Its non greasy, and makes my face feel like silk after. It suggests you apply at night-time, but I feel like it would be good under makeup also!

Nuxe also constantly have deals on, which is always a bonus. They also offer 3 sample products and one mini with EVERY order, free delivery with orders over £35, and have a loyalty points system. Whats not to love?! Not only are their products incredible, but they also offer their customers lots of benefits.

Overall, I have fallen in-love with Nuxe. Thank you Birchbox for introducing me!

Have you ever tried any Nuxe products? What’s your favourite? Let me know!

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