My First Beauty Pie Order

It’s like Christmas has hit. I have just received my first ever Beauty Pie order!

Beauty Pie is a subscription service where you don’t get sent anything monthly… You basically pay a set monthly fee, which allows you to purchase hundreds of pounds of products, BUT the website sell these items at factory prices, instead of shelf prices. Make sense? No? Heres what Beauty Pie say:


The Packaging 


When I first opened the parcel up, the products were first wrapped up in a pink tissue paper, with their name written all over it. I love small touches like this, so was already a big fan. Secondly, there was an envelope on the top with my invoice in. Again, I love this so much, and reminded me of the Gucci invoices they send.

The packaging of the actual products again, were very nice. Very simple and reminded me of MAC packaging. So far, big hit with me.

The Products



These were the first thing that caught my eye. The brand offer so many beautiful colours, and I honestly had a hard time picking. In the end, I went for the shades Puff Of Pink, Cowboy Nude and Hush Now. These were one of the easiest lipsticks I have ever applied. The colours are so beautiful, and they’re so creamy, and for only £2.24 each, you can’t really say no.



Currently, I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan on these. It might be just because I haven’t tried them with a full face of makeup yet, but from the swatches alone, I’m not too impressed… Yet…



I haven’t actually tried this one on my eyes yet, only on the back of my hand. There isn’t really a smell to this one, but the product itself is quite thick, and does feel hydrating… I’ll have to obviously give it a few goes first on my eyes before I can make a judgement…

QUANTUM BRONZER £26.00  £3.00


This is the same with the highlighters for me… I’m not overly impressed yet, but I think not using them on a full face of makeup hasn’t helped me make a fair judgement on these products yet. I will say though, the colour in this and the highlighters in the pan look incredible, so I don’t think I’m giving them a fair chance.



What can I say. I’m a sucker for a palette. This was the last product I had tried, and I was honestly a tad worried. How I was wrong. Not only are the colours STUNNING, but the pigment in this bad boy is incredible. Definitely going to get my hands on the other two palettes they have.

Overall, my order cost me £56.79 with a £8.16 shipping cost on top, equaling a total of £64.95 (This price also included my yearly membership which was £29.00, so I actually only spent £35.95 on products). Without the membership, my order would have cost me £296, saving me £232.02.


Despite me not being the biggest fan on the bronzer and highlighters (my fault for not trying them out fully), I would 100% order from them again. With savings like that on makeup and skincare, you honestly can’t say no to buying this subscription.

Subscribe to them HERE.

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