What A Month Of Blogging Has Taught Me

Just a quick thing to say before we get into the actual blog post, buttttttt – I HIT 200 FOLLOWERS TODAY! I am super thankful for all 200 of you, and putting up with me for 30 days. You guys are seriously amazing.

  1. You Will Never Not Get That Anxious Feeling Before Hitting ‘Publish’
    Now, I assumed this would go away after my first few posts. It doesn’t. Every time I go to press ‘publish’, I do tend to freak out. What if no-one likes my post? What if no-one reads it? What if I get a lot of hate? A month of blogging hasn’t stopped these questions going through my head, and I doubt they will ever not be there.
  2. The Blogging Community Is Amazing
    Before I had my site, I thought that all bloggers were out to get each other and try to ‘compete’ against one another. This isn’t the case at all. Every single person I have spoken to, or has left a comment, or has sent me an email has been incredible. There is a real sense of family, and I instantly felt welcomed.
  3. Quality Over Quantity
    Now, I am trying to post something new everyday, BUT, If I’m not in the mood to write a blog post, I won’t. I can even tell in my own writing when I’ve forced myself to make a post, and if I can tell, so can my readers.
  4. Just Have Fun
    For me, I started blogging as a way to pass the time whilst I was bed bound, and potentially turn it into a business. I have not only learnt so many things from the people I follow which I am grateful for, but I’m also having a lot of fun with it. If the fun stops for me, I’ll stop blogging.Blog signature

26 thoughts on “What A Month Of Blogging Has Taught Me

  1. Congrats on 200 and I so agree with all of this! I’ve been able to talk to so many awesome ladies through their blogs and eventually extend it to instagram, twitter, etc. It’s nice to see women so supportive of each other!

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  2. A great list that we can all relate to! I usually tend to skip out on posts over the weekends because I feel like I need a break no matter what so that i can stay inspired and not get burnt out. I have been blogging for over a year and I still feel like this, haha.

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  3. Sorry for leaving so many comments today! If I may ask, how did you get so many followers so fast? I feel like I’m pulling teeth just to get single view…any advice for a new blogger? Thanks!

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    1. Don’t worry! And funnily enough, I have another ‘blogging tips’ post coming out on Sunday! Throughout my whole time blogging, I’ve not been able to work and I’ve been either bed bound or in hospital! So I have been hitting the blogging side of things hard. I post once a day, and I read a sheeeet ton of posts and I comment and like them all, and try to build relationships with people. It’s also really helpful for inspiration! Good luck, Arielle! (Awesome name by the way!) x


      1. Thanks! I’ve noticed that commenting on other blogs has helped a lot, so I’ve been trying to interact more (my shyness has always stopped me in the past). I’ll keep an eye out for your next post! And Brooke is a great name as well- my sister actually used to tell people her name was Brooke, after her favorite character on the TV show One Tree Hill 🙂

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