All About My Piercings!

First off, apologies for not posting in a couple of days… I’m going to attempt to take a lot of photos in bulk today (if they lightening finally decides to be on my side today), so I can edit them all, and start getting them to post automatically!

Secondly, when I was about to get a needle shoved through my skin, I tried to find out as much info as possible about the pain, the healing time, the cleaning process etc. So here is my gift for all you un-metaled humans. Enjoy! I also just want to add that everyone is  different in the way they heal and take pain, so my experiences may not be exactly the same as yours.

Right Ear


(please excuse the greasy hair and the amount of psoriasis that is in and around my ear. Vom.)

I currently have 3 piercings in my right ear. My lopes, which are now stretched, my helix, and my tragus.


I remember the battle I had to put up with my mum to let me get them pierced, and since I was one of the few people in my school to have pierced ears, a lot of the school mums hated me, since all their kids now wanted pierced ears. Sorry!

Age: Around 7/8 I believe.

Pain: I can’t remember the pain since this was over 10 years ago now. I doubt it hurt that much since it was only a small bit of skin to go though.

Needle or gun: I stupidly got them done with a gun. At the time I didn’t really see the problem with it, but ever since I had my secondary school work experience at a piercing and tattoo parlour and what happened to my helix, you start to realise that piercing guns should honestly be banned.

Gauge: My right side is stretched to 8mm currently. It was one of those things I thought would look super cool and edgy, but now looks like a cats bum hole if I don’t have a plug in it. Double vom.


This was my worst piercing to get. Nothing to do with the pain of actually getting it pierced, but the removal… Oh my god.

I remember freaking the fuck out before I got this pierced. Like big time. I was sat in this beauty parlour (not even a piercing shop or anything), guzzling down rescue remedy before I passed out.

The only problem I had with it was when I tried to sleep on that side, since it was a stud, and it kept stabbing me in the head.

It wasn’t until I actually went to change the piercing jewellery that I realised getting it pierced with a gun was a terrible idea. I was sat in front of the mirror, trying desperately to yank off them butterfly backs off the stud. Then, I managed to put off the back but couldn’t find the actual stud? Turns out it was still in my ear. Not just sitting there, but actually inside of my cartilage, to the point I couldn’t see the front of the stud. After 45 minutes of trying to rip this thing out, I ended up in minor injuries, on gas and air whist they cut it out with a scalpel. Turns out my stud was covered in matted hair also, and was told I was bound to get an infection if I had it in any longer. I came home and popped in a hoop since I still didn’t want it to close up. Note to everyone: Don’t use a bloody gun.

Age: I think I was 13/14?

Pain: The actual piercing didn’t really hurt, it was them shoving a scalpel into my ear that hurt.

Needle or gun: This was my second piercing, so I didn’t see why there would be such a problem with getting my helix done with a gun, since I had my lobes pierced with one.


Age: I want to say 15, but don’t quote me on that.

Pain: Honestly, I was super worried about getting this one, since the cartilage is a lot thicker than your helix. To this day, least painful piercing I have ever had. My mum came in with me and said how I didn’t even flinch once. I didn’t even know she had done it… The only thing I noticed was the ‘popping’ sound of the needle going through the different layers. Nice.

Needle or gun: NEEDLE. I finally learnt from my mistakes! Definitely lesson learnt.


Left Ear


Super boring side. The lack of my ears being symmetrical stresses me out big time, and I’m planning on getting my conch and middle cartilage done.


I got this side done the same time as I did my other lobe, so there’s not much point telling you the age and pain etc.

Gauge: I’m not too sure on what size my lobe is now. It used to be 6mm, but the plug fell out and I didn’t have a replacement one. When I went to London, I managed to find a plug store and he charged me £10 for that?! But I do think I prefer this size to my 8mm.



Now, I did take photos of this, but turns out my snail trail seemed to be the main centre of attention. But you’ve all seen a belly button piercing by now surely?

Age: 15

Pain: 2/5. I definitely felt it go through, and I found it hurt when I showered and the water hit it, but it wasn’t the worst in the world.

Gun or needle: I don’t think places even pierce navels with guns, but if they do… *shudders*




Now, you can’t really see my nose piercing in this, but any excuse to show off my dog, right?

Age: 16

Pain: 2.5/5. Nothing too dramatic… Not sure if it were to close up that I would get it done again though

Needle or gun: Again, I don’t think its possible to get this done with a gun, but god knows what goes on in Claire’s Accessories…


So there we go! Like I said, I am planning on getting more piercings on my ear, but I have no idea when/if that will happen!

What piercings do you have?




28 thoughts on “All About My Piercings!

  1. I used to have helixes on both sides, stupidly got them done at the same time.. had to almost strap my head into place when i had to sleep because it hurt so bad to sleep on either side. Got them done with needles though so that’s something at least. x

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  2. Always been too scared to get my tragus done, but it looks so good on you! I’ve got both lobes, both second lobe, helix on my right ear and my navel too – I HATED having my navel done, but by far my favourite! Great post! X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Not many people know this but I use to have A LOT of piercings. I’ve had:
    • Tongue x2
    • Belly button
    • Angel bites
    • Ears
    • Snakebites

    This was back in the ‘scene’ days I guess you’ll call it 😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. They were like the ultimate piercings to have in those days! 😂 my friend got her webbing done and she accidentally ripped it out when she was eating, so be careful with those! x

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Cute piercings! I like the smaller gauge tunnle.
    If you want to down size the other ear you can wear a large earring with normal post over it and remove it at night.

    Liked by 1 person

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