HAUL: Tam Beauty, Review & Mystery Bag Reveal!

DISCLAIMER: I know there has been a lot of controversy with Tam Beauty products. I do agree that there is a massive level of cloning high-end brands. But, for people on a budget like myself, I wanted to try these products out. I am not saying what they’re doing is right in any way, but as a makeup lover who has used the brands before and fallen in love with them, I wanted to try more of their products.

I recently stumbled across a site called Tam Beauty, who are the creators of Makeup Revolution. The first thing I saw was that if you spent over £30, you got a free mystery bag worth £25. Also, the site offers free delivery on orders over £30. Count me in.

I actually places two orders… I didn’t intend to, but after I placed my first one, I went back onto the site to see if my order had been dispatched, and ended up seeing more products that I have previously missed. I spent over £30 again, meaning I spent around £70, and was getting £50 worth of free makeup. Definitely what I call a bargain.

I then had a thought that Tam Beauty may actually send out the same products in their mystery bags. I logged onto YouTube, and watched some other videos of people revealing their mystery bags, and luckily, they’re all different!

I then went onto Facebook, and one of their sponsored adverts popped up. I clicked on the link and saw Tam Beauty had only 2.4/5 stars. I was so confused because of how much I love their products, and assumed it was to do with the recent controversy. I then clicked on the reviews and my heart sank. There were 282 one star reviews, all complaining how they never received their order, after months of waiting and arguing with customer services. I couldn’t believe I just spent over £70 on a site, that may not even deliver my products. Luckily, I paid for both of my orders with PayPal, so if there was a problem, I could get my money back.

I was so relieved when my first order I brought arrived! It also happened to be on my birthday, so it was like another gift.

I then soon realised I only selected next day delivery on one of my orders. I’m still hoping there won’t be a problem with the second delivery, but as I had no problems with my first, I’m assuming there won’t be…

First Impressions

The parcel arrived, and at first I was quite confused as the parcel itself was MASSIVE. I knew I ordered a lot, but not that much to be delivered in a bag that big. I then opened the bag, and was pleasantly surprised to see that everything had been bubbled wrapped within an inch of its life. I’ve ordered makeup before online, and sometimes there has been nothing on there to protect it.

I then finally managed to unwrap everything, and was very relieved to find that nothing had broken! Praise the lord!

The Products

I now realise that I went a bit OTT with the palettes. Especially for someone who rarely wears eyeshadow, but I want to start wearing more and learn the different techniques. I also order 6 other palettes in my other order, and also have the mystery bag that may contain some more… Anyone know of any good DIY palette storage?!

Please ignore my grey travel sickness wrist bands! Trying to stop myself feeling so nauseous!

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit Bare Collection – £5.00


As a lipstick lover, I couldn’t really say no to these. 5 lipsticks for £5? Yes please! I am a little disappointed since the colours on the box look NOTHING like the actually colours. I only swatched one of the shades, and as you can see, there isn’t a colour on the box that looks remotely similar. Luckily, I did still like every shade.

Freedom Pro Lipstick Kit Naked Mattes Collection – £5.00


The same goes for this about the colours not matching the colours on the box. Again, I only swatched one shade from this collection, which is the bottom reddish shade.

I will say that the lipsticks do go on very smoothly, and are very pigmented, so I can’t complain too much, and they were only £1 each!

Revolution 5 Amazing Eyeshadow Celestial Collection – £2.50


The box does say £5, but Tam Beauty actually had these on offer for £2.50! I’ve got to say, these aren’t the usual shades I would go for since I do love a nude (don’t email me naked pictures please), but I thought these would be really fun to experiment with! I haven’t tested to see how pigmented these are yet, but again, they were so cheap I couldn’t really complain.

Revolution Redemption Eyeshadow Palette Iconic 3 – £4.00


My all time pet hate with palettes is when they give you them horrible sponge applicators. They are NO use! I would honestly rather them put in a shitty brush than them!

The colours in this palette do remind me a lot of the Urban Decay Naked 2… Dupe perhaps? I’ll test it out and let you know.


Revolution Flawless Matte 2 Ultra Eyeshadows Palette – £8.00



I honestly LOVE the orange/red shades in this. I love the whole sunset eye look at the minute, so these would work perfectly! The only problem is, is that they’re not very pigmented…


Revolution Ultimate Iconic 144 Eyeshadow Collection Palette – £10.00


£10 for 144 shades?? That’s not even 15p per eyeshadow! This palette is a bit hit and miss. Some of the shadows I found to be really good, whilst others seemed to be pointless.

Mystery Bag

This was actually the thing I was most excited to receive. They managed to pick out some amazing things for me, and was actually going to buy one myself, but decided not to. I did actually give one of the products to my mum, since I hate wearing lip gloss, but I don’t think she seemed to mind!

Revolution The One Blush Stick – Dream – £5.00


Honestly not sure how they can get away with calling this a blush. It is so sheer and has zero colour to it. Maybe could use as a subtle highlighter? I’ll have to try it out more before I throw it away…

Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish – Black Dimond – £3.00


I was actually going to purchase this for myself and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m just so confused by it! I though the pigment was going to be loose, so that you could pour it into the tray? But instead its this weird sponge/gel like texture. Again, going to have to look up how to use this before I throw it away.

Revolution The Dead Are Alive 16 Eyeshadow Palette – £6.00


LOVE THIS. I don’t think I would have purchased this for myself, but the colours are stunning!! The only problem I have with this is that the blue colour ‘Immortal’ has hardly any pigment to it. I swatched this shade when it first arrived, and it was so disappointing.


Revolution Blush Palette Blush Melts – £6.00


Now, I’ve never used cream blushes before, so I’m not sure if this is how they’re meant to be or not, but when I opened it all up, I could see oil on top of the colours? If you look closely, you can also see it on the photo. Don’t get me wrong, the colours are beautiful, but very, very oily

Makeup Revolution Salvation Intense Lip Lacquer – £1


I originally gave this to my mum, but she gave it back to me since she wasn’t a fan of the colour, so I’m going to try to make this work… Wish me luck…


Overall, I am quite happy with my purchases. I won’t lie and say they’re the best brand in the world, but they are good considering the price. I mentioned above that I am still waiting for my other order to arrive, and then I can do another haul/review for you all.

I also managed to get hold of the Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Bundle, so will be doing a review on that when it arrives!

Whats your favourite product? What would you like me to post next?



29 thoughts on “HAUL: Tam Beauty, Review & Mystery Bag Reveal!

  1. All these products look awesome! I especially like the Eyeshadow singles, they’re beautiful! I’m really looking forward to the Kylie review! xo

    Liked by 1 person

      1. IT take so long for it to arrive! I remember when my sister ordered a lip kit and it took about a month! Fingers crossed for you! I want to see the review xo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. If you’re looking for a good neutral eyeshadow palette, then I’d recommend the I Heart Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette, I recently wrote a review about it on my blog if you’re interested. I Heart Makeup are part of the Makeup Revolution brand by the way! xx

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  3. I literally just bought a £40 haul from there and I am SO excited to see what comes in my mystery bag. Considered doing it at Superdrug just for the 3 for 2 and card points but then I get no mystery bags and half the items, Superdrug don’t stock 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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