Tips For New Bloggers

Juggling work, school, social life and a blog at the same time can be a massive struggle. I don’t think I ever realised how much work it would be running a blog.

Since I’ve only had my blog for a month, I still class myself as a blogging beginner, but wanted to share my tips that I had learnt along the way already.

  1. Make Use Of Your Drafts!
    Drafts are a massive help for me. Say I want to post a haul, and a review, and a tag post. I start to write all my posts in my drafts, and then I keep coming back to them and adding to them. Some days I can finish off my entire draft list in one sitting. Sometimes it takes me days to complete one post. Sometimes I start writing a post and then delete the whole thing. Basically, draft up all your ideas, and keep coming back to them.
    I’m one of those people who buy diaries after diaries and then use them for a week tops, before I stop using them, and then buy another one, whilst convincing myself that I’m actually going to finally use it. Although, I have just managed to nail it into my head that I do need a way to organise my blog post deadlines. I start the week by writing a big list in my drafts of things I want to post that week. Then, I use the calendar feature app on my MacBook, and write down what blog post is coming out when. It’s also handy for you to be able to see what photos you need to take for them posts. I use Notes, and make a little checklist of all the items I need to take photos of, and then tick them off when they’ve been shot.
  3. Schedule Posts!
    Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 19.07.19
    This was actually something I forgot to add into my June Goals. I wanted to start being able to write a lot of blog posts, and then schedule them, which I have now finally taught myself to do! I did find this difficult, as I am super impatient, and when I create a post, I want it to go live straight away. But, this has been a game changer. I tend to try to post 4-7 times a week, with 7 being my aim. Since I want to post every single day, it meant that I will have to write every single day, even when I felt that my heart wasn’t in it. Whenever I get motivated, I write 3 or 4 posts, and then schedule them for a later day, meaning I can have a day off from my blog to concentrate on other things.

    Possibly the best thing I learnt was to do everything in bulk. Write posts in bulk when you feel motivated. Reply to comments and emails in bulk. Take photos in bulk. Do everything in bulk! It will honestly save you so much time! I usually wait until the lightning is good, and then start to take the photos I know that I need for my upcoming posts. I then can just sit at my laptop and write away…
  5. Lightening & Backgrounds!
    My next point in lightning and backgrounds. Now, I wouldn’t go to the point of calling myself a pro, because I am far from it. The best thing you can do is make your photos look the best they can. You want to make sure that the readers can actually see what you’re trying to show them in the picture. Also, having a nice background helps make your photos look better also. I’ve unfollowed blogs in the past since I couldn’t hardly see what they were trying to show.
  6. Social Media!
    I tend to only post my health related posts onto my personal Facebook, but posting your latest post on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram can be a massive help in getting traffic to your site.
  7. Be Kind
    My biggest pet peeve with other bloggers is that some bloggers ignore people who have taken the time to comment on their blog. Replying to a comment literally takes 2 seconds out of your day. You have 24 hours in a day, and you’re telling me that you can’t reply to a single comment? You need to remember that you wouldn’t be anywhere without those people.
  8. Comment On Other Peoples Blogs!
    Following on from the point above… Comment on other people’s blogs! This not only is a great way to get traffic, but also you can find people who you really connect too, and that can help you out.
  9. Don’t Post If You Aren’t In The Mood
    I struggled with this a lot. Like I said before, I try to post every day, and there are always days that you’re not going to want to be sat in front of your laptop writing and editing.
  10. Try To Create Original Posts
    You wouldn’t believe how many bloggers I’ve seen copy content to the word. Try and create new content that no-one has seen before. This can be difficult, especially for beauty bloggers like myself, but make sure you try to be original.
  11. Just Be YOU! Everyone Else Is Already Taken!
    Make your posts sound like yourself! Don’t look at other bloggers and try to copy them. Just write and post how you want and what you want. Just be yourself!