The Bitch In Room 1

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to you wherever you are!

I just spent my third night as an inpatient, and despite crying a lot, running away, and being offended, I have yet to have a diagnosis.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the nurses here are amazing, and couldn’t treat me with better respect and kindness. To put it politely, let’s just say others would be better working in a morgue.

Since I’ve had an X-ray, ultrasound and bloods, and everything has come back as normal, they told me I then had an eating disorder since I can’t handle eating or drinking currently, as the pain I get after even after having a sip to take painkillers is agony. For anyone who knows me, and knows my appetite, this is bullshit.


I understand that there are people out there with EDs and that they need to check, but there are ways around it. I can stomach a box of 20 chicken nuggets, large fries, large Fanta, and still have room for a McFlurry. And if the doctor by any chance is reading this, no, I don’t throw it up after thank you.  Oh and also, to all you drinkers and smokers out there, you’re all apparently ‘depressed’.

Sometimes, when you hear hooves, think of zebras, not horses.

I also let a lot of my anger out that I had about the nurses and doctors which was good. Good it’s off my chest. Bad I let my anger out on them nurses and doctors that made me angry in the first place. Hence the name of my title, and I’m guessing the note which has been put on my files.

Moving on from that, I am seeing someone from the pain clinic today, and then hopefully being transferred to another hospital, or I’m going to discharge myself. Would rather let red ants climb up my ass than stay here another night.

As for non medical blog related blog posts, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be able to post now since my resources are limited.

Mum, if you’re reading this, look away in 3… 2… 1…

On the bright side, I have been doing A LOT of internet shopping to keep me entertained, so look out for hauls/reviews whenever I escape here, and get myself home.

That’s all from me today. Ta-ta for now xx




18 thoughts on “The Bitch In Room 1

  1. An eating disorder?! I find sometimes they diagnosis for the sake of it…. Like hey we ruled these out but something has to be wrong and we don’t know so well call it this….. My BB had similar treatment and they were a bit narky when he was like no I feel like this and that and quite vocal about it. He got labeled flighty….. Hope you get better and get home soon xx

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    1. I know! I think because they can’t be bothered to look into it more, they just put everything down to mental health. It’s crazy. Its ridiculous that we also stand up for ourselves, and tell them that thats not what is happening, and then they label you! Thank you very much! xx

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      1. It must be hard for them as now a days lots can be found online. Previously we would have listened to what they say and taken it as gossip but with Google we now question things…. Plus I get everyone wants an answer NOW but sometimes things take time and things need to be ruled out and then ruled in…. Totally agree though if it’s any way grey… Mental Health…. We are getting better at being open minded with it these days but sometimes it’s not to do with that and it ends up getting a bad name….. Jeezzz your damned if you do and damned if you don’t….. Looking forward to your online hauls!!! Keep the spirits up!! 😘

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      1. That’s always a good thing! Glad you see it that way! Lol. Hopefully you get answers. There is nothing more annoying then dumb doctors wasting their expensive schooling to not help you and say stupid stuff

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      2. Exactly! I feel like 9/10 times I tell them that I think I have this certain thing, and then they tell me its impossible, and then a month later, I get diagnosed! I’ll do there job if I don’t have to do any blood tests, or stick my finger up anyones bum!


  2. I have self discharged because the hospitals were more painful or felt more unsafe than just going home to be in pain or risk dying.

    I has a friend that did that once, before I got ill and I pushed so hard for them not to. I get it now.

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