Recent Hospital Stay Update

Very Quick Update
The Bitch In Room 1

If you’ve read my recent posts, you will know I was admitted into hospital on the 20th June. I’ve had so much love and support, and also a lot of questions, which I thought would be best to update you all again. Thank you all so so much for being so kind and thoughtful! Knew my followers had to be the best!

I had Endometriosis removal surgery on the 26th May, and never really truly recovered. From other people’s experiences, I was expecting to feel TONS better after, and be able to go back to work the next week or two. This wasn’t the case.

Throughout the first week, I actually DID think I was making small improvements every day, even though the pain was horrendous. I then managed to have 2 really good days, and I thought that was it. I finally got there.

These 2 days were very short-lived, and started crashing even harder. I wasn’t sleeping at all through the night, and only being able to sleep for a couple of hours before the pain woke me again. In total, I rang the ward 3 times and asked for help, to which they were very rude and dismissive. I had numerous times back and forth to doctors and phone calls to 111. I wasn’t eating, wasn’t drinking, wasn’t hardly walking, or sleeping. Everyday seemed worse than the last.

I then went to my doctors on the 20th again, and she seems really concerned. She gave me more drugs, and hydration powder, and was told to ring her if I got any worse. 4 hours later I was back on the phone to her since my BP had dropped to 80 over something, and the pain seemed to be getting worse still. She then admitted me to a gynaecology ward straight away.


When I arrived, they put me on IV fluids, took bloods and took me down for an X-ray. All clear.

The next day I had an ultrasound scan. All clear.

I’m not allowed to go into too much detail with this, but some of the nurses, doctors and my surgeon were the most unprofessional, rudest, and vulgar people I have ever met.

I haven’t been able to eat properly in weeks now because of whatever is going on, and I was told I had an ED. I do not. If anyone knows me, I tell them how I want bit more cushion for the non-existent pushin’. I can out eat most people I know. But in all honesty, I don’t know anyone who looks at hospital food and thinks it looks tasty…


I then had a bad reaction to morphine, which caused extremely severe chest pain, which then made it difficult to breathe and I couldn’t even talk properly. I called the nurse at 3am, and she did my blood pressure and heart rate and then left. I called the nurse again since it got worse, and she gave me paracetamol tablets, which I couldn’t take since I couldn’t even hardly breathe. She then left, saying ‘If you’re not going to take them, I can’t help. I have other patients’ and walked out. I ended up ringing my mum and trying to explain, but she couldn’t understand me, so I text her and she rang them. They then gave me oxygen which didn’t help that much, but was better than nothing. Was then told that they can’t help me if I don’t tell them I’m in pain, and I shouldn’t have rang my mum?! I couldn’t breathe and the nurse left?!

I did end up walking out the hospitals on day 3 (I think), and then being discovered by my surgeon which ended up in a shouting match, and me telling her to F off due to previous things which had happened that week. My mum also rang the ward to tell them I had left, and the nurses had no idea, even though I was gone for an hour, and walked past the nurses station with my drip still attached. Turns out I’m better at sneaking around than I first thought. I was put on ‘high alert’, and kept seeing the nurses pop their head through the window to make sure I hadn’t buggered off again.


Shout out to my mum for taking a photo shoot of me whilst passed out…

In my last update, I did say how I would rather red ants climb up my ass than stay another night. I ended up staying in again because I nearly collapses. As a women of my word… Red ants anyone?

I was told I could go home the next day, or stay if I felt I wasn’t well enough, which I obviously declined.

I still don’t have a diagnosis of what’s going on. They said they think I have nerve damage in my brain, but possibly the endometriosis has grown back, or it’s chronic pelvic pain.

I left the hospital on the 24th June, and extremely happy to finally get into my own bed, and not have checks waking me up every hour.

I am finally catching up on blog posts now, so will be able to start getting them finalised and sorted out for you all. Again, you are all such wonderful people.


All my love x


50 thoughts on “Recent Hospital Stay Update

  1. I agree with you, hospital food is so gross!
    When I was admitted to hospital when I had an asthma attack, I was hospitalized for 3 days and my friend and partner bought food up for me because I just couldn’t eat the hospital food.
    I hope you feel better soon lovely! xo

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  2. Babe you have such a way with words, you make a horrendous situation humorous!
    Just the thought of you sneaking out with your drip and telling your Dr. to fuck off 😂😂
    On a serious note I hope you feel better soon & can start doing the things you want to do again xxx

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    1. hahaha 😂 Looking at it now, I must have looked such a state… I was sobbing on the floor, surrounded by fag butts, in the shortest nighty, whilst having a go at the surgeon 😂 But the security loved watching it on CCTV!
      Thank you so much though!! xxx

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  3. Oh no, I’m so sad that you’ve been so ill! And I honestly can’t believe the hospital staff were so rude to you, I wouldn’t be able to stand that! I mean being in hospital already sucks, the least the staff could do is make your stay the slightest bit better!
    We’ve actually talked before (I’m the girl that emailed you a while back about my chronic pelvic pain, I’ve just made a new blog since then!), I hope you remember me! I bit has happened since then, I had a huge pain flare, out of action for almost two weeks😔 But my referral has been put through! But now I’m just in another waiting list…that’s the NHS for you!
    Feel better soon ❤xxx

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    1. Of course I remember you! Hows the new blog going? I’m really sorry to hear about your flare up! They first told me that I would only get to see the pain clinic in 6 months time, but they managed to get me an appointment on Wednesday thank god!! Really hoping that you’re able to get seen soon, and that you start to feel back to normal too!xxx

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      1. Oh yay, I’m glad! It’s going pretty good so far, making the change was definitely the right decision!
        Yeah, it really sucks. I’ve found that when I’m really stressed, my flare ups are much worse than the usual and I was really upset and stressed for days before the flare up, so I kinda knew that one was coming!
        Oh that’s really good to hear!! I really hope that happens to me! Hopefully it does, especially because my mum got the school nurse to write a letter of concern (me missing school, struggling emotionally ect) to the pain clinic in hopes that they get me an appointment asap.
        Thank you!😊

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      2. I also find stress is a massive trigger for mine too!! Like I said before, try not to worry about school that much. You’ve got all the time in the world to do education! Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting exams when you’re 80! Also, see if you can be put on their cancelation list, as it might speed things up more! xx

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      3. I’ll try, but it’s so hard when people around me are making me worry about it, if that makes sense? If only everyone around me has the same views as you do when it comes to school, then I’d definitely be less stressed!
        Oh thank you, I’ll look into that🙂❤

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  4. So glad to hear that you’re home again! I really hope you feel better soon! If you ever want to chat about anything feel free to message me! Hope you’re on the up! Stay positive xo

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  5. That hospital stay was HORRIBLE but very relatable. Glad you’re a bit better and out of the hospital.
    I was admitted to hospital (like always) and I was in sooo much pain and the painkillers that I took didn’t work, so I asked for a medicine that I know works but guess what? They said I can’t have it! I was so frustrated and angry because I was in unbearable pain and the only medicine that works, I couldn’t have it. I literally had a breakdown in the bathroom. It doesn’t make sense because the only reason why I come to the hospital is to have some sort of relief but when you can’t have the relief, you feel like crap – more than crap.

    Much love,

    P.S Currently writing this in hospital. D:

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    1. Oh no!! I really hope you’re discharged soon and start feeling better! Its ridiculous that you know that you need s certain drug or fluids, and they refuse, and make you worse! I under that they don’t want to give them out willy-nilly, but they need to listen to their patients more! Please let me do if I can do anything sweet! xx

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      1. Oh, my experience was some years ago. But I completely relate with regard to the quality of healthcare. I hope you can take this up once you’re better. They shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Sending you lots of love and good vibes! xxx

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  6. Oh my god I never thought that you had to face this kind of situation but I really salute your struggle and acceptance by sharing this experience with all of us. You have no idea how amazing this writing is to me. May the hospital crews can be at least a little nicer, they are just so rude! But most importantly, I really hope you get better soon. Stay positive xx

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      1. Ah wonderful! At least you’ve finally got better treatment, that’s the important thing. You’re very welcome sweetheart! I look forward to your next writing, they are very lovely xx

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  7. I know I’m reading this late but I really do hope things are better now. I am slightly biased working for the NHS but I’ve never had a bad experience with my local trust or the trust I work for and I’ve had A&E admissions and stays for both. My local trust is inadequate and gets so much negative press (look it up, Worcestershire Acute. It’s one of the worst in the country) but I’ve never had a problem at all. It disgusts me when I see posts like this because it’s doctors and nurses like this that get the NHS really bad press and I am truly sorry you had to deal with that crap. Closest I’ve had to a horror story is an anaesthetist forcing a mask on my face while I was having a panic attack before surgery and a doctor that made me pass out while taking blood and caused trauma to my arm. I hope you get better treatment next time you should ever have to go in but if your local hospital has a Patient’s Advice Liaison, go see if they can help xx

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    1. I agree with everything you’ve said! We really do take the NHS for granted, but I just seem to get the shitty doctors which don’t make me appreciate it! I will say though, the two paramedics, nurses and doctors yesterday were amazing, and I couldnt of asked for better staff! I’m talking to PALs already, but thank you so much xx


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