Another Effing Update

Don’t worry guys… I’m just as fed up of saying it, as you are reading it, BUT…

Guess what dickhead got re-admitted?!


This one!

Had to drive for TWO HOURS to see a doctor who then decided I needed to be admitted. TWO FLIPPING HOURS.

He’s keeping me on lots of fluids, and giving me Amitriptyline (an anti depression that helps with nerve damage) and Prostap (Type of cancer treatment that also helps with Endometriosis. Next selfie… I might be bald…). He said he thinks ill be in for 2-3 nights, but possibly longer, seeing whether I can eat or drink then.

I’ve been here less than 3 hours, and everyone here is AMAZING. I cannot begin to explain how much better these nurses and doctors are!

Like with my last admission, I have scheduled blog posts coming up, so hopefully I’m home before they all get posted, so that I can have a few days catch up without effecting you guys!

I’ll keep you all updated, and write a big ol’ blog post after I know anymore!

All my love



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