It’s Called A Wheelchair. You’re Welcome.

WARNING: I am mad AF, so prepare for a lot of swearing, ranting, and if you’re a fan of Madonna, don’t read this. If you are a fan of Madonna and still find yourself about to read this, please don’t come for me.

It’s recently become apparent to me that people have NEVER seen a wheelchair before… or, have simply never seen a 20 year old, ‘healthy looking’ female in one.

Until today, I haven’t been out in Madonna (my chairs called Madonna because it’s a piece of shit and I can’t stand it) for around 5/6 years, give or take a year or two.

To everyone who stared at me today. Fuck you.

To the adults who stared at me whilst I was having a laugh. Fuck you.

To the kids who stared, and to the parents who joined in with the staring. Double fuck you.

And, to the man in the wheelchair who stared whilst I got out of the car, and got into my chair. Guess what? The biggest fuckwit award goes to you. Congratulations.

No, I’m not expecting everyone to cover their eyes whilst I glide on past. I’m expecting everyone to have a little goddamn respect and to mind their own business.

So, all I’m asking is that if you see Madonna and I, just smile and carry on with your day. It’s not fucking difficult.

To those who don’t do the polite thing and don’t actually consider that I may in fact ACTUALLY BE A HUMAN TRYING TO GET ON WITH HER DAY, don’t think for a second that I won’t continue to stare your ass out too. Also, I am incredible at staring contests, so I think we both know who’s going to win this one.


It’ll be me.