July 2017 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Actually get out the house more. Since my operation, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone out, and all of them have been for hospitals and doctors appointments. I’m a invalid, get me out of here!
  • Go for my belated birthday lunch. The company I work for opened up another site, and I’m desperate to go see it!
  • I actually have a business idea thats currently in the air right now, but would like to fiddle around with ideas a bit more. More will be revealed later on.
  • Do at least one random act of kindness. Ideally to a stranger, but since I never leave my bed at the minute, its proving to be rather difficult to see another other than family or Mikey.

Health Goals: 

  • Put on weight so I don’t look like skin and bones. I have a non existent bum currently, and Ant and Dec (my boobs) are vanishing, and they all need to come back asap. I was 9 st 3lb, and I’m now 7 st 9lb. Come back to me titties!
  • Increase water uptake and NOT by IV fluids!!
  • I do want to look into getting a gym membership. I doubt I’ll get there in July, but it’s good to have motivation and goals to work towards.

Blog Goals:

  • Be able to take better photos. I think I’m slowly getting there, but I’m not 100% comfortable with them all yet.
  • Maybe buy a decent camera? They’re too complicated for me, but think its the best move. Anyone know of any good cameras a newbie can use, which won’t make my photos look like I’ve used the first camera ever made?
  • Stop being lazy and actually edit all my photos. I usually do around half, get bored, and stop. Someone want to be my editor? I’ll pay you in love and affection?

What’s your July 2017 Goals?

June 2017 Goals

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