July 2017 Goals

June 2017 Goals

July Goals:


  • Actually get out the house more. Since my operation, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone out, and all of them have been for hospitals and doctors appointments. I’m a invalid, get me out of here!
  • Go for my belated birthday lunch. The company I work for opened up another site, and I’m desperate to go see it!
  • I actually have a business idea thats currently in the air right now, but would like to fiddle around with ideas a bit more. More will be revealed later on.
  • Do at least one random act of kindness. Ideally to a stranger, but since I never leave my bed at the minute, its proving to be rather difficult to see another other than family or Mikey.


  • Put on weight so I don’t look like skin and bones. I have a non existent bum currently, and Ant and Dec (my boobs) are vanishing, and they all need to come back asap. I was 9 st 3lb, and I’m now 7 st 9lb. Come back to me titties!
  • Increase water uptake and NOT by IV fluids!!
  • I do want to look into getting a gym membership. I doubt I’ll get there in July, but it’s good to have motivation and goals to work towards.


  • Be able to take better photos. I think I’mΒ slowly getting there, but I’m not 100% comfortable with them all yet.
  • Maybe buy a decent camera? They’re too complicated for me, but think its the best move. Anyone know of any good cameras a newbie can use, which won’t make my photos look like I’ve used the first camera ever made?
  • Stop being lazy and actually edit all my photos. I usually do around half, get bored, and stop. Someone want to be my editor? I’ll pay you in love and affection?

What’s your July goals?


17 thoughts on “July 2017 Goals

  1. Your monthly goals posts inspired me to make my own small goals that i can easily achieve. Will definitely mention your blog on mine for credit! Thanks for being so inspirational & i hope for speedy recovery from your operation 😘

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