My Body, My Business Mother Fucker

I do zero exercise, I polish off a large pizza with a side of garlic bread by myself and I drink beer, and that’s healthy and  ‘goals’ because I’m a size 8.

If someone else did zero exercise, polished off a large pizza with a side of garlic bread by themselves, and drank beer, you’d claim that they lived an unhealthy lifestyle because they’re a size 22.

Why is it okay for someone of a smaller size to treat their body like shit, but not okay for someone with more weight on them to?

It’s a horrible feeling being called fat. It’s the same horrible feeling I get, when someone calls me skinny.

What annoys me the most is people who are bigger, get laughed at whilst they’re in the gym, and then get told they need to ‘do’ something about their weight when seen elsewhere.

It annoys me when people judge bigger people when they order a salad, or a diet coke, since ‘that’s not going to help them’, but the minute they order a cheese burger, they’re a mess?!

I’m not blind to the fact that people with more weight on them are more prone to things like diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain cancers, but what about those who are underweight? Why does no one mention that being underweight can lead to fertility problems, weak bones, low blood pressure, and anaemia?

Not one person seems to see a smaller person, and shout out ‘God, you’re really wearing THAT when you’re that underweight? Cover up that stomach!’

Not one person seems to say ‘You know, someone who’s as small as you shouldn’t be eating that’.

Why is it okay to promote skin and bones, and not curves?!

Why don’t people learn to let people live how they want too. Big, small, or in between. As long as you’re happy and healthy.

The rest can piss off.

In no way am I trying to promote unhealthy living. I’m trying to get across that its unfair for two people to have the same lifestyle, but one person get shamed for it, just because they’re bigger.





  1. Rei
    3rd July 2017 / 5:10 am

    oooooooooh i like this post too much <3

  2. 3rd July 2017 / 5:24 am

    Honestly, this is so true. It’s degrading and downright inhumane. The thing about larger people getting laughed at for being at the gym makes me so mad. They’re trying to do something productive and healthy, and “fit” people just make them feel ashamed so that they don’t even want to try anymore. People can be mean and awful.

    • 3rd July 2017 / 6:45 am

      Exactly! Laughing at a large person at a gym is like laughing at a someone who is unemployed at a job centre! It doesnt make any sense! xx

  3. 3rd July 2017 / 7:38 am

    I love this angry Slim Shady persona ! You tell um boo boo xxxx

    • 3rd July 2017 / 9:15 am

      People must think I’m a bitch 24/7 but I promise I’m nice haha! I just get angry a lot 😉 xxxx

      • 3rd July 2017 / 10:04 am

        Hahahaha – the inner bitch is funny. We need to come up with a name for your alter ego.xxxx

        • 3rd July 2017 / 11:23 am

          Very true. My dog Sasha can turn evil, and then she’s called Nashers. Nothing goes with Brooke 🙁 xxxx

          • 3rd July 2017 / 12:02 pm

            Leave it with me – I’ll think of a gooden 😉 xxxx

  4. 3rd July 2017 / 11:14 am

    The same is definitely true for “skinny people.” In 2012 I suddenly lost 20 lbs; I was down to 98 lbs at my lowest on a 5’3″ frame. It took almost a year to figure out that I had celiac disease. Because my gut was so damaged, I wasn’t absorbing anything I ate and was literally slowly starving to death, no matter how much I ate. Once I was on a gluten free diet, I began to heal, but it still took two whole years for me to gain back half the weight I’d lost. Now my gut is functioning fine. But what I hated the most during that time when I was still unable to gain weight was people saying “You need to eat more, you need to eat more.” Eating more wasn’t going to do ANYTHING until my gut healed. It was completely out of my control, yet people assumed that I wasn’t doing enough to get better. People shouldn’t pass judgment on someone who is larger or smaller than normal; they have no idea what that person may be going through that could be causing their weight problems.

    • 3rd July 2017 / 11:26 am

      Completely agree with you! People need to realise that people aren’t always happy with their body shape, and that they actually ARE trying to do something about it. Sometimes people like their body shape. Nobody has the right to mention weight and that you need to change, unless its a doctor. Hope your celiac disease is under control now! x

      • 3rd July 2017 / 11:31 am

        Yup, doing well on my gluten free diet!

        • 3rd July 2017 / 11:32 am

          Good good! They thought I had a problem with gluten, so had to go on a gluten free diet, and I found it so difficult! Props to you!

          • 3rd July 2017 / 5:30 pm

            It’s definitely a challenge, especially trying to avoid cross contamination, where even a crumb can make me sick. It took a solid year for me to feel comfortable with it.

          • 3rd July 2017 / 9:47 pm

            Blimey! My mums gluten intolerant, but is okay with having gluten here and there!

          • 3rd July 2017 / 10:33 pm

            Whew, she’s lucky, I guess! I had a coworker who was like your mum in that sense. But yeah, the tiniest amount has me spending some quality time with the potty within 45 minutes of ingestion! 💩

          • 3rd July 2017 / 10:47 pm

            It sounds awful!! I’m glad they managed to work out what was causing the pain though! It’s scary to think how many other people have it, but still continue to eat normally, since they have no idea!!

  5. 3rd July 2017 / 4:36 pm

    I get this all the time. “Skinny bitch” (from some of my lovely aunts, not) “you don’t need to eat healthy” from work colleagues, and my favourite “if you turn sideways you will disappear”!! Imagine saying anything like that to an overweight person?! You wouldn’t dream of it, yet somehow it’s okay to degrade skinny people? It really hacks me off too so I’m with ya sista!! Why can’t we all just be nice to everyone?! 😔 xx

    • 3rd July 2017 / 4:48 pm

      Exactly! Its horrible! I still can’t believe people shame us!! xx

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