Oh my god. How?!

I honestly am completely over the moon right now! To think that I’ve only had my blog since May, and I’ve there’s 500 of you all.

Also, I somehow hit 10,000 views?! I honestly am shocked I got any readers, other than my mum!

Again, thank you all so much. I can’t stop smiling!!

All my love,

Brooke x


79 thoughts on “500 Followers!

    1. Firstly, welcome to the blogging world!
      I’ve written a few blogging tips already, but the main ones I can tell you are to be consistent with posting, spend time making your blog site and posts look nice, and take good quality photos! Thank you so much though! Please email me if you need anymore help! xx


      1. I wouldn’t expect anything less from ya πŸ˜‰ Thank you though darling!! I actually wrote a blog post which will be going up soon, and I’ve linked you in it… Just wait until you see it πŸ˜‚ xxxxxxxxxx

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