My Current Morning Routine & Morning Routine Goals

Since I’m not well enough to be working right now, my morning routine is rather dull so I thought instead of just posting my current routine, I would share what I want my routine to look like instead!

Current Morning Routine:

  1. Wake Up At Midday

    I do try to do this every morning… With my luck this year though, I’ve likely jinxed it. If you don’t hear from me for a while, blame Abby.

  2. Check WordPress

    No joke, within 5 minutes of waking up, I open up my laptop and log onto WordPress (in all honesty, the tab is likely still up from the night before), and reply to any comments, and read other people’s posts that I missed out on whilst I was snoozing.

  3. Check Social Media

    Weirdly enough, ever since starting my blog, I don’t check social media as much as I did! I still like to check, and see what memes Mikey’s tagged me in.

  4. Take Pills & Potions

    You’d think this was the first thing I’d do right? I usually tend to go on my laptop for 15 minutes first, before I take my tablets. I HATE taking them when I’ve literally just opened my eyes, so I try to wake up first!

  5. Go For A Wee Wee.

    Ya girls gotta get rid of that tea somehow!

  6. Wash Face

    I currently use Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, after someone I follow mentioned it in their post, and I realised I had a bottle in my drawer from when I used to use it! If you would like a full review on this, let me know in the comments!

  7. Brush Teeth

    Nothing special… My dentist told me to brush in circular motions since its better for your teeth and cleans them better for anyone who didn’t know, and wanted a teeth brushing fact. #BrookesUselessFactOfTheDay

  8. Skincare Routine

    I posted an everyday skincare routine a while back, and although most of the products have stayed the same, I’ve added a few other bits and removed some others.

  9. Get Ready To Conquer The World (But Having A Nap First)!

    Obviously! What else would I be doing with my day?

Morning Routine Goals:

Even writing this is making me laugh since I know I will never stick to it when I come to make ‘the change’, but targets and goals are good, right?!

Also, this will be completely different when I start working again.

  1. Wake up at 8/9am

    Surprisingly, I’m still hoping to wake up.

  2. Exchange Pills & Potions For Vitamins

    Definitely hoping that I won’t have to take my medication for too much longer now, and I can just focus on taking vitamins.

  3. Go For A Wee Wee

    Yep. Still have a bladder!

  4. Check WordPress

    Yes, you’re not getting rid of me any time soon! Sorry!

  5. Check Social Media

    Again, checking for the memes.

  6. Exercise

    HA! Me?! Exercising?! Surprising, yes. I’m obsessed with watching blogilates currently, and want to try to do her workout challenges in the morning! Or maybe just start the squat challenge… I need to build my muscles up anyway, due to my hip dislocating all the time, and since losing weight, I literally have seen lampposts with more curves than I have. Give me muscle god dammit!

  7. Shower

    Get all that stank off me! I’m currently a night bather, but if I’m working out, I need to get clean! Also, there is something about showering in the morning that makes me feel super motivated…

  8. Get Ready

    I currently spend all my time with zero makeup on, and lounging around in an oversized bed top and underwear (nothing sexy I can assure you. Bridget Jones comes to mind), so I’d actually like to start getting dressed, even when I’m not going out anywhere.

What’s your morning routine like, and what would you want to change about it?


22 thoughts on “My Current Morning Routine & Morning Routine Goals

  1. This routine sounds oddly familiar, haha! Mine’s probably 90% the same atm since I’ve been out of work, and I’d definitely like to change it in similar ways too! I managed 2 days of exercise before that went out the window. I also struggle to be out of my cosy clothes if I’m staying indoors because then I feel the need to apply makeup.. but do I really need to be wasting all that product? 😂 I think my main goal should be to actually leave the house daily; go for a short walk or something..
    I hope you manage to make the changes you envision! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha, mine sounds pretty familiar. The first thing I do, like you, I log on to my wordpress. I’ve been having difficult days this past few week, so it’s hard for me to follow my desired morning routine, which includes, writing in my journal, yoga, meditation, and reading. I try to include a mental, physical, spiritual routine in the morning because I never end up doing it in the day.

    Good luck!

    Natalie |

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