Interviewing Jennifer!

EDIT: I realised I’m an idiot, and instead of posting Jennifers answers, I posted mine instead!! All changed now!

Jennifer from theblondehealer messaged me after I wrote a blog post asking if anyone wanted to collab, and I’m over the moon that she got in touch with me! Her blog is such an incredible place to visit if you’re wanting to improve yourself, not only physically, but mentally as well. Her blog posts are so inspiring, and make me feel so good about myself after I’ve read them, so definitely make sure you check this beauty out!

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  1. What’s your favourite time of day?

    My favorite time of the day is when my girlfriend and I take time out from our hectic schedules and go train with our amazing trainer.

  2. What’s one thing you want to be able to achieve by the end of the year?

    Finding a new job that I am passionate about and making the money I know I deserve.

  3. If you could invent something. what would it be?

    Omg I actually don’t know. Probably a happy hour truck that goes around town giving out cocktails.

  4. What made you decide to start blogging?

    I want to be the blog I wish had to read when I was younger going through narcissistic abuse.

  5. Do you have any weird food combinations that you like?

    I can’t have yogurt without peanut butter. I don’t know if that’s weird, but I can’t have yogurt without it.

  6. Beach or pool?


  7. What makes you motivated?

    Honestly, everyone. I love being around positive and grateful people. They motivate me a lot.

  8. If you could have only one wish, what would you wish for?

    For everyone to be happy.

  9. What’s your TV guilty pleasure?

    Princesses of Long Island.

  10. If you could only wear one item of makeup, what would you pick?



Like I said, please check out Jennifer’s post, and check out her answers to the questions I gave her! She’s truly amazing!

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Also, I’d love to hear your answers to these questions, so leave them down in the comments!

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