Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Cassandra from happinessinlipstick & myself put our heads together together, and decided to share with you all our everyday makeup! Cass is a stunning 22 year old female, who is a cast member at Sephora, and uses her blog to expand her knowledge and confidence! Definitely go check her blog out, and have a look at her everyday makeup tutorial!

Click Here To See Cass’ Post!

Face Products


  • Benefit Cosmetics – The Porefessional
  • Collection – Lasting Perfection Concealer In Light
  • Maybelline Fit Me Poreless + Matte Foundation – 128
  • RCMA No Colour Powder (Not shown)
  • Beauty Pie Quantum Bronzer – Ain’t No Sunshine
  • Makeup Revolution Blush – Sugar



  • Eyebrow Spoolie Brush
  • Stila Waterproof Brow Pen – Medium
  • Maybelline Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara – Intense Black
  • Max Factor Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner – Azure


Firstly, I use Benefit’s The Porefessional all over my ugly mug to help fill in my crater pores. After my face is all prepped and primed, I pop on the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation, and then highlight under my eyes, down my nose, my chin and my forehead with the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. Once everything is blended in, I set everything with the RCMA No Colour Powder, which also tones the foundation since it’s a tad too dark for me.

Oh bronzer. How I love thee. I’ve only been using this recently, but the Beauty Pie Quantum Bronzer is slowly becoming one of my favourites. This little baby gets popped under my cheekbones, on my forehead, chin, and down the sides of my nose, and if I’ve over done it on the RCMA Powder, I usually brush the bronzer all over my face so that I look a little less like Casper the friendly ghost. Blush is one of those things that I don’t religiously do, but if I do end up wearing some, it’s usually Sugar by Makeup Revolution. You may have noticed that my pride and joy (highlighter) isn’t listed. I do wear highlighter everyday, but I actually was trying out the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight after this post, so I wasn’t wearing any here, but I would usually go for Makeup Revolutions Vivid Highlighter (I promise I’m not sponsored by them since all I do is talk about them).

My everyday eyes is super boring. I brush my eyebrows through with a spoolie to make sure that they’re all going in the direction I want them in. I then use the Medium Stila Waterproof Brow Pen in light little strokes to mimic the natural hairs. If I’m going to work, I use the Eyes Brow Gel to make sure they’re all in place, and don’t sweat down to my top lip. I don’t particularly suit having a moustache. Next, I use Max Factors Masterpiece Eyeliner in Azure. I honestly wear blue eyeliner 95% of the time. I think it suits me better than black, and I like that it adds a bit of colour if I’m not wearing any lipstick. The very last thing I do is then pop on a couple of coats of the Maybelline Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara, and this gal is DONE.

Please make sure that you check out Cass’ everyday makeup post, and give her blog a little look around!

Photo on 12-07-2017 at 15.53

What’s your must have everyday product?




17 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Tutorial

  1. “Firstly, I use Benefit’s The Porefessional all over my ugly mug to help fill in my crater pores.”

    Oh gurl please, your mug is anything but ugly! Also if your pores are crater-sized, mine must be black holes. I love how natural and healthy you look in the photos here, great work both of you x

    Liked by 2 people

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