Social Media Handles


I thought it might be a good idea to make a post with my social media handles, and I would also really love it if you would leave yours down below so that I could follow you too! I actually made a blogging Instagram so that I wouldn’t shove my blog posts down people’s throats, but then I decided to delete it shortly after, since I realised I didn’t actually care, so I had followed you through that account, please let me know and I can re-follow you!

Snapchat: brooklyn_okay
Twitter: liverc0ke
Instagram: liverc0ke



19 thoughts on “Social Media Handles

    1. I don’t blame you! I made a blogging Insta since I was really worried about pissing off the people who had followed me for other reasons than beauty photos, and then it really annoyed me having the two accounts, so just thought stuff it! xx

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