Favourite Nude Lipsticks


Today I have another collab for you all with the amazing Siyana! She came up with the idea for this post, and I love it so much that I’m actually going to start doing a favourites posts on different product categories! Thank you Siyana! Please make sure you all go check out Siyana. She posts about makeup, different hauls, her experience with going self-hosted, and she even has a sushi rolling guide!

Now I will admit that these lipsticks look hardly used, and it’s honestly that I’ve either just gotten them, or I forgot all about them, and now started to use them, and have quickly replaced old favourites. I also very much of a liquid lipstick kinda gal, but these will now always have a place in my heart.

Beauty Pie – Hush Now


MUA – Bare


Rimmel London – Boho Nude


MDM Flow – Bossy


Beauty Pie – Cowboy Nude



Top to bottom: Hush Now, Bare, Boho Nude, Bossy & Cowboy Nude

And there are we are! My 5 top favourite nude lipsticks! Let me know in the comments what ‘5 favourites’ post you’d like to see next!

What’s your favourite nude lipstick? I’m 


44 thoughts on “Favourite Nude Lipsticks

    1. I’ve only got the one nude from rimmel and then one more of their other lipsticks, and I’m obsessed with how good they are!! I definitely need to get some more shades!
      But thank you so much! I’m slowly actually becoming proud of my photos which makes a change! I definitely spend too long fiddling around with everything though, and I always end up with back ache haha! xxx

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      1. I think they are really good and deadly for the ££.
        Slowly?? Lady you gotcha hurry your bum up, id be well proud if they where mine. I’d be like LOOOOKKKKK 🙂 Well whatever your doing is kicking ass so keep it up! And as they say practice makes perfect 😘 xx

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  1. I love your blog, following and i hope you can follow me. Have you tried our Avon true color in blushed nude, its the best, celebrating 130 years Avon has been in business and counting. Love your posts



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      1. You are very welcome.. i think youll be pleased, for make up check out our true color line, for skin care skin so soft and facial products nutra effects.. let me know and thanks again.



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