Blogging 101: My 5 Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. Follow For Follow

    I honestly think that this one bugs me the most. If I follow someone, it’s because I like their content. Not because I want them to follow me back. If you post ‘Follow for follow?’ on my blog, chances are I won’t even look at your blog, let alone follow.

  2. Not interacting

    Why do so many bloggers ignore their readers! I think people forget that they wouldn’t have the following they do without them, and the least they could do would be to reply back to the comments that people have left on their page.

  3. Bragging & Brats

    Nothing annoys me more than braggers and brats. Piss off already will you?! I completely understand that when you’re honestly not trying to brag, it can be difficult to actually prove to your readers that you’re not. But there are definitely a few people I’ve come across that I want to bitch slap, but I do understand wanting to show off things to your readers for them to enjoy reading! It’s a difficult one with a very fine line. Also, I’ve seen people kick off because daddy brought them the wrong colour car. Be bloody grateful for Christ’s sake!

  4. Unclear Writing

    I recently came across a blog whose background was dark red, and their writing was dark purple! I honestly couldn’t read a single word, unless I highlighted it with my mouse! If you want people to read your posts, make sure that they actually can!

  5. Giveaways That Have Lots Of Rules

    I’m not going to lie, I’m all for a giveaway or a competition, but I do find it annoying when they have a massive paragraph of rules! Obviously I understand if they said U.K only, must be following me etc. But, when people say that the only way to be entered is to follow them, follow their friend, follow their sister, follow their nan, follow their dog, subscribe to email notifications, post their blog on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and snapchat, and finally make an hours long video on why they’re the best blogger out there, it’s a bit extreme. Basically, if you’re going to do a giveaway, keep this photo in mind:


What’s your biggest blog pet peeve?


100 thoughts on “Blogging 101: My 5 Blogging Pet Peeves

  1. All of these are my pet peeves about blogging! So damn annoying, especially when you comment on someones post and they completely ignore you.

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      1. Agree!! Its all about the numbers for so many. Id like to agree but only two may make me cry. A healthy number with interaction and I’m happy! And by healthy i mean those following are interaction if that makes sense!! xx

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  2. When people leave comments that show they clearly didn’t read the post. A blog I follow put out a negative review of something and ended it with “avoid this at all cost, not worth it.” And someone commented that they definitely had to try it because it sounded great and they loved the review 😂

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    1. I’ve seen so many like that 😂 It makes me laugh so much! I wrote a comment about how much I liked this brand once, and it sounded like I didn’t read the post since she never mentioned that brands products! I felt so embarrassed that that was how it came across! 😂I don’t know how people can risk it hahaha


  3. I am howling at this!! 😂😂 so, so true though! Follow for follow is a serious pet peeve of mine! Half the time they’re only blogging because they want to boost their following, not because they want to post quality content!

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  4. So true ! I am new in the community and the best part is being in communication with readers and blogger! If some bloggers are acting as you wrote its horrible! They are missing a great chance to be theirself in a great community.

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  5. The last picture is such a classic, hahaha made me chuckle. But agree with everything word for word.

    I don’t understand how people choose the colours they do if no one can read their blog?

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  6. All of these are my pet peeves too I think! I can’t really think of any more off the top of my head. I came across a blog before similar to the unclear writing point you stated and it was just so difficult I think I just gave up reading half a post in! It may have been such a good post and I felt bad but I realllyyyy couldn’t read it

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  7. Omg! I was thinking about writing my blogging pet peeves since yesterday and I see your blog post now lol! What you said is so true, I couldn’t agree more especially about the follow for follow. I do follow people when they ask me to and guess what the next thing they do, they just unfollow me! The number of followers you have doesn’t represent anything, if you can’t support one another in this community then blogging isn’t for you xx

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    1. Please write yours still! I’d love to see yours!! If someone asks me to follow their blog, ill check it out and see if I like their stuff, but I’d never follow someone if I didn’t like their content! But I 100% agree with you! xx

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      1. Most of the people who would usually ask me to follow them, would end up following me on all my social media platforms and blog. So when they take the effort to do all this, I’d think the least I could think is follow them. And I don’t follow everyone who asks me to, they are mostly bloggers who write the same content as me and I do want to support them but I’ve learnt so much these last couple of months when it comes to blogging. You can be nice but there is definitely a limit! If I do decide to write mine, I’ll let you know for sure! xx

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  8. Haha, I absolutely loved reading this and I’m loving the sarcasm in this post!
    I’m inspired by this post and definitely want to do some of my own pet peeves about blogging! I have to say the one that annoys me the most is when people don’t acknowledge their readers comments, like I get if they have a huge following otherwise surely they can take the time out their day to respond!
    Anyways, great post xx

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  9. LOVE THIS! I completely agree – especially with people not interacting with their readers and follow-for-follow. Especially for bloggers with a larger audience, it’s not exactly feasible to follow everyone back! If you enjoy someone’s content, follow them – it shouldn’t be conditional on whether they follow you back xx

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  10. Yes to all of these!!!! One of my other pet peeves is when someone doesn’t post swatches when they are reviewing a palette, highlight, blush, etc. This could just be me but I want to know what a product looks like when swatched. I love reading others reviews on products so I can decide if it will work for me before buying.

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  11. I love the idea of this post! I can definitely agree with all of your pet peeves! I absolutely hate that follow follow stuff.. I just personally want to only follow blogs that actually interest me! xx

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  12. I agree, I despise those bloggers who forces you to follow their blogs even if their niches are completely different from yours. Interacting with your readers motivates them to come over and over again, that is what produces successful bloggers.

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  13. I totally agree with all the points above. I don’t expect people to comment back on my blog but at least please, reply something to my comment. It made feel invisible when I see the author replying back to others comment except mine.

    And this once happened to me when a blogger just leaves her blog’s link in my comment section. Just a link. Not even a hello and I was like, okay, what did you want me to do?

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  14. If I truly find a blog interesting or inspiring I will follow back. I don’t mind if people follow me just because they think I will too – but they shouldn’t expect a follow. I don’t want to clog up my feed scrolling past uninteresting posts.

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  15. I hate follow for follow, it really upsets me. It makes me feel as though they are not willing to work! I feel happier when some stranger follows my blog rather than a friend. I want to know people genuinely like my content! What’s the point of blogging if just for followers?

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  16. “Don’t be a dick” – Wheaton’s Law – is absolutely the best.

    I think there are a lot of very mechanical things you can do in blogging, including like-for-like, that break this rule without you really being aware of it. Like-for-like is a good example: how can you get better when your engagement isn’t real? When you publish something and nobody likes it or comments, you know that either the topic sucks, or you didn’t something wrong in creating that post. That’s good, hard feedback. That’s like a rejection letter from the kind of thoughtful editor who gives you a few tips as he/she does it. That’s how writers get really good.

    Don’t be a dick – be an actual human. Ayup.

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