I Love My Imperfections. Sue Me.

Hi. My names Brooke, and I love my imperfections. Nice to meet you.

I love the stretch marks on my legs, and I’m proud of my body for widening my hips.

I love my scars since every single one of them have a story, and nobody else has the same as I do.

I love the freckles on my lips since they make me feel like an individual.

I love everything on my body that makes me different to others.

You should never hide your scars, burns, stretch marks or any other ‘imperfection’ you have. They all tell a story, and that story creates who you are.

If you have scars from self harm, don’t look at them and think that you should be embarrassed of them. Look at them and be proud of how far you’ve come since then.

If you have loose skin from weight loss, don’t think that it was all a waste of time. Look at it as how your determination paid off, and you achieved your goal.

Stretch marks from having a baby? You’ve now got the most amazing creation, and your silvery stripes should make you smile, because without ever getting them, you wouldn’t have your baby.

What I’m trying to say is that we all need to love ourselves more. We’re constantly putting ourselves down, and social media and magazines don’t help when they’re constantly shoving these ‘perfect’ bodies in our faces, when in fact it took them 2 hours to photoshop.

Everyone has stretch marks. Some people may have more than others, but everyone has them. Don’t be embarrassed of them. Wear them with pride, and treat them as an insight of who you are inside.

I love my everything that makes me different from everyone else, and you should too. Who wants to be the same? Stand out, and show off your differences, and if someone doesn’t like it, feel sorry for them. Don’t be angry. Just feel sorry that they’re not as comfortable in their own skin as you are.