Blogging Schedule

Hello guys!

So, I asked in yesterdays (I think) post if you would prefer me to have a set posting schedule, or if you wanted it kept at random. I had a few people saying that they would prefer a set schedule over having random things popping up all over the place. So, starting on the 31st July, I will be keeping to a set schedule (well, I hope too…)!

Monday – Blogging 101

I am constantly reading other peoples blogging stories, blogging tips and tricks, and god knows what not. If you’re a new follower, you may not have seen, but I often post my own random pieces of advice or rants about blogging. Since these are quite popular, I decided to add it into the schedule!

Tuesday – Random Posts

I know I’m going to have days where I want to write a post about something, but it doesn’t fit into any of the genres, so I thought I would dedicate myself a random post day.

Wednesday – Makeup Post

Even though I class myself as a ‘lifestyle blogger’, my main interest is, and always will be makeup, so that’s why this made it into the schedule.

Thursday – Trying Out Series 

I’ve just actually finished writing my first one of these which will be posted on the 3rd August. I thought it would be something fun to do, and then write alllllll about it. As of right now, I have ZERO idea of what this series is going to entail, but I can imagine it’s going to be a complete embarrassment for me.

Friday – Review

Ohhhh I do love a review. There’s not really that much to say about this one, but please let me know if theres anything you would like a review on!

Saturday – Random Post

Ditto to Tuesday.

Sunday – Weekly Catch Up

This is going to be my ‘selfish’ day. I thought it would be good for myself to be able to unwind, and release everything thats been buzzing around my head, and put it all into WordPress.


And thats the schedule! Please let me know if you have any ideas/want me to do a certain post, and I shall try my best to make your wish come true!

Brooke xIMG_6868


26 thoughts on “Blogging Schedule

  1. I hope you do better than me with that because I tried posting more than twice a week and couldn’t do it so now I have to stick at Wednesday and Sunday ahah. Good luck! Xx

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      1. I think you will be fine since you leave 2 days for random post. Just don’t push yourself too hard to stick with the schedule. Sometimes we don’t have inspiration for some topic and can’t come up with a post for that topic, but it is fine. Be happy and stock some posts when you feel like writing. 🙂

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