DAY 3, 4 & 5| 5 Days, 1 Shirt, 5 Styles

First off, massive apologies for the absent of this collab over the last few days! Unfortunately, I haven’t been feeling too great! But fear not, day 3, 4 AND 5 are all here!

If you’ve not seen mine or Lou’s (thelittleloulou) posts, than you’re most likely slightly confused (Well… Not that confused. The title is pretty self explanatory). Over a period of 5 days (3 in my case!), Lou and I are channeling our inner fashion goddess, and showing you all 5 different ways to style up the same shirt. If you haven’t seen our other posts, click the links below to check them out.

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Day Three Outfit

SHIRT|New Look

Day Four Outfit

SHIRT|New Look
SKIRT| New Look
BAG| eBay

The skirt actually doesn’t fit me anymore, so I had to use hair band to tie a knot in the back, so that it would stay up. I’m a mess, I know.


Final Outfit

SHIRT| New Look
LEGGINGS| Missguided
CLUTCH| Skinny Dip

And there we are! 5 outfits with the same shirt! I actually had a lot of fun doing this! I definitely need to do more fashion posts in the future!

Again, apologies to all of you and the amazing Lou, and please make sure that you check out thelittleloulou‘s 5 outfits and let her know what you think!

What would you wear with a white shirt?