What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging


Unfortunately, there will be sad fucks who decide to spend part of their day to leave hate. I haven’t receive any hate in my blog comments as of yet, but there will be people out there that you know who don’t agree with what you do. Stick two fingers up and them and keep your head held high. Don’t let someones stupid comment ruin your day, and potentially stopping you from blogging.

Hard Work

Before I started my blog, I thought it would be something extremely easy. I mean, all you do it write, isn’t it? And yes, some people do ‘just write’, but for me personally, I have to come up with, and create posts every day since I blog 7 days a week. Also, I personally like to take photos for my posts, and interact with my followers, and the people who I follow. Yes, it doesn’t sound like hard work, but you’ll never truly know unless you become a blogger. It can take me days to write ONE post.


Don’t get me wrong. Blogging can be entirely free. My blogging experience on the other hand hasn’t been the cheapest. I pay for the premium upgrade on WordPress, and being a lifestyle/beauty blogger, I constantly want to get the latest product on the market. I see blogging as a hobby though. People who play golf spend hundreds of pounds on new equipment, so I don’t see blogging any different. I see blogging as much as a hobby as a golfer sees golf, and those hobbies are definitely addictive. If I had to be addicted to something, I would definitely rather be addicted to blogging than golf (or drugs)…

What It Teaches You

I have learnt so much in my short time of blogging. Not only has it taught me some amazing beauty tricks, photography tips, and even recipes, its taught me to be more organised, and how to meet deadlines. It’s taught me to save time, set goals and also had grown my confidence massively. I couldn’t recommend blogging enough.

How Much You’ll Love It

When I started, I heard how was how much work it was from a few people. It sounded more like a chore, than something I could enjoy. I’ve only been here since May, and I have fallen head over heels. I can’t believe its taken me this long to join up, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Give it a go and see what you think. You may hate it, or you may have found yourself a new career.

What has blogging taught you?

Please email me at brookenclarke@yahoo.com for business, PR and marketing inquires, or even a message to say hi! Also, drop me a message if you are interested in collaborating with me. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy 100th blog post!

Going slightly off topic here guys, but I wanted your thoughts and feelings on something!

I was thinking, would you like to see a certain topic on certain days? Say like, Monday I post a beauty post, Tuesday I post blogging tips, Wednesday I post fashion etc. Or, would you prefer it all to be random, like it is now?! Let me know!

If you would like set days, please let me know what you’d like to see! And any posts ideas you have that you want me to write! I’d love to hear your ideas x



46 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About Blogging

  1. It’s a great post, Brooke! and I really appreciate and see how much effort you put in. Honestly, I am still fairly new to it and you are an inspiration for me. The way you present and arrange your thoughts is amazing. 🙂

    Ps, I am starting to get a feeling like a stalker 😂. Please, don’t mind. I genuinely like reading your posts! O:)

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  2. Love this! Such a great post. I agree blogging is definitely not easy especially when there are so many internet trolls out there! It can be quite discouraging to receive some hate and nasty comments.

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  3. I know what you mean, like, if you really care about your blog you have to do it right. And to do that, you have to plan, do research, schedule, write and revise, revise, revise. Who knew blogging can take so much effort right? I also haven’t been blogging for a long time, by the way. I just started last April. =)

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  4. Wow, well done for posting 7 days a week! It’s a lot of work but I can tell you enjoy it! I need to be more consistent!!

    I think if you continue to post 7 days a week, then leave 2 or 3 days for scheduled topics/themes and the others as spontaneous/life update posts?

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  5. Totally agree on what it teaches you – I feel like other than meeting some amazing people, this is one of the best bits about blogging because you genuinely learn so much that you’d probably never learn anywhere else. Blogging is such a great thing to get into and I’m so glad I did! Fab post! xxx

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  6. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing it. I just started with blogging (yesterday) and I already feel it’s not going to be super easy. I’m a perfecionist that has to have everything in place and perfect photos as well.. haha.. im blogging about what I love and that is inspiring me.:)
    Have a nice day,

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  7. Great post! As a new blogger with a busy lifestyle I’m trying to keep up to date with at least posting once a week. It’s inspiring reading things like these and I love hearing your advice. Do you have any advice for gathering more engagement with your Blog posts? And finding cool new blogs? Thanks 🙂 would love to chat in future! x

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  8. Very cool. I am new to the blogging community and am looking around, doing alot of research, reading/reviewing, commenting and liking/following other bloggers and it is definitely something that you have to be consistent with. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. So accurate! I’ve had my blog for almost two years now but I didnt really use it much until last year, then i stopped posting and didn’t really take it seriously honestly. So this year i started taking it seriously and even though i dont have a fixed schedule, due to writers block or not being able to finish all the posts when i say i will, im really trying to get into it. Love the advice you’ve given, im going to take it all into my blog. I’ve also emailed you, hope to hear back :)!

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