7 Different Nomination Awards!

I’m FINALLY starting to post the awards/tags that I was nominated in! Firstly, a massive apology for taking so long to finally get around to doing this. I posted the self esteem tag a while back, but deleted it in an hour because I got really nervous about it?! Ironic much.

Secondly, an even bigger thank you to everyone who has tagged or nominated in awards posts. You guys are truly amazing, and I appreciate every single one of them! Also, if you’ve nominated me to do a post which isn’t on here, please let me know, and I’ll get on it straight away! No more slacking from Miss Clarke!


The Versatile Blogger Award

A huge thank you to nikensmartini for nominating me for this award! It honestly truly means so much! You should all definitely go check her out if you’re interested in beauty related posts, and also traveling. Her posts will make you want to jump on a plane ASAP.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
  2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.

Nominees – don’t forget the rules and pay it forward to other bloggers, too.

The 7 facts about me that you guys probably don’t know!

  1. I am in love with eating peanut butter on Oreos.
  2. I’m actually quite good at saving money.
  3. I’m always looking at the calendar on my MacBook, since I have all my past and scheduled blog posts on there. I find it so much easier to plan things out on there.
  4. I have such a small family, it’s unreal.
  5. I tell myself that I love horror films, when really I can’t stand them. I hate anything that makes me jump.
  6. My favourite animals are orcas and alligators.
  7. I have about 5 different TV series that I started watching, and then haven’t finished yet.


Awesome Blogger Award

The beautiful kaliborovic nominated me in this post, and I’m so truly thankful! If you’re interested in fashion and beauty, she’s ya gal. She also posts beautiful quotes now and then, which are definitely worth the read.


  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Answer the questions
  • Give 5 people ten questions of your own.

Questions & Answers

  1. If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
    I think I’d pick someone like Gordon Ramsay, so then I could tell everyone what I thought of them. Team Ramsay all the way.
  2. Who was your first crush?
    Robbie Williams. I can blame mum for this one since she’s a really big fan of ‘the Robster’ as she likes to call him. I also always used to burst into tears if someone said they fancied me, or if I fancied someone else, and I remember I was holding Robbie’s CD in the back of the car one day, and my brother shouted out ‘Brooke fancies Robbie!’ and I was a blubbering mess. This gal don’t do feelings. Never has. Never will.
  3. Who in your life do you wish you were closer to?
    This one’s difficult. I mean, I don’t talk to my Dad, so I guess him, but theres a few friends that I also wish I saw more.
  4. How did you meet your current/last partner?
    I met them in school actually. Embarrassingly enough, I messaged them asking if they went to the same school that I was at, even though I fully well knew they did. Shoutout if you’re reading this.
  5. If you could tell your future child only one thing, what would it be?
    ‘You’re a lucky son of a bitch to be here
  6. Why did your last lost friendship end?
    Multiple reasons. We had different jobs, moving away, other bits and pieces really.
  7. Who has given you the best life advice & what is it?
    ‘If you can’t be good, be careful’. It was one of the last things my Nanny Jan told me when we were saying our goodbyes. This has actually made me cry thinking of it!
  8. What’s the last thing you drank?
    Blue Gatorade. Can’t beat it.
  9. What outfit are you wearing?
    I’m wearing a Reading marathon finishers top (Definitely not mine. No way have I ran any marathons), and underwear.
  10. Who are your role models?
    Sophia Amoruso, but mainly my Mum and my Nan. Both are independent single ladies who know how to get what they want in life. You go, older generation. 

Here’s my questions for you!

  1. If you only had one last day on earth, what would you do?
  2. Would you rather never be able to read a book again, or never be able to watch a movie again?
  3. Do you shower in the morning, or in the evening?
  4. What’s your number 1 pet peeve?
  5. Do you have any hidden talents?
  6. If you could have any piecing, what would you get pierced?
  7. Is there anything exciting happening that you’re looking forward too?
  8. Do you have any bedtime rituals? (Having to have a cup of tea, have an apple, check the news etc.)
  9. What would be your superpower?
  10. If you could have a million pounds put onto a store gift card, where would you choose?


Blogger Recognition Award

beautyfashionchitchat nominated me for this award! Thank you so much! You all need to go follow Liz if you’re interested in beauty products, and also how to save money on them! She’s saved my skin so many times!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Write a post to showcase the award.
  • Write a story about why or how I started my blog.
  • Give new bloggers at least two pieces of advice.
  • Leave a comment on my nominees’ blogs to tell them about the award, and provide a link to this post.

How I Started My Blog

I fell in love with bloggers and vloggers from a young age. Before Youtube was even born, I stole my Mums cam recorder, and filmed a ‘vlog’ where I filmed my brother going off in a huff, filmed a room tour, and showed you my latest gang signs whilst saying ‘bling, bling, bling’. I’ll do a post one day showing you all, because quite frankly, they’re hilarious.

I then went through a stage of loving this YouTuber called SWalkerMakeup. I was literally obsessed with her. I brought the same skincare products she had, the same makeup she had, I did my hair the same as her, and even the same Mathew Williamson bag she had, even though I was only about 13 at this point, I saved up all my money I had, just because I wanted to be like her so badly. If you’re reading this Sara, I’m sorry. I’m feeling just as awkward as you are right now… It was then when my best friend and I, ran downstairs and asked my mum if we could borrow her cam recorder to film a makeup tutorial. Thank god she said no. It would have been comedy gold though.

I thankful stopped making the hideous so called ‘vlogs’, and just stuck to watching them instead, and didn’t ever thing I would come close to another camera again.

It wasn’t until I started developing endometriosis that I wanted something to occupy myself whilst I was off work sick.

I started writing my first couple of posts about my personal health, which then shortly developed into me writing about makeup and fashion. I had always loved makeup, and thought it would be stupid not to incorporate it as well.

I’m still fairly new to the blogging game, as I’m only on my third month. In them three months, I’ve had such an amazing time. I love writing posts and reading everyone else, and I love that I know theres some place small for me in the lifestyle bloggers community. I’ve nearly already hit 600 followers, which is an insane amount to me, and I can’t thank every single one of you enough.


  • Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t write about. If you want to write about something, then do it.
  • Don’t be scared to comment on other peoples blogs, or even email them for advice. I’ve had so many people email me, and it makes me not only feel ecstatic that theres people out there wanting to get help off of me, but also I feel so happy that I’m helping other people out.

Self Esteem Tag



As I said in the intro, I did post this before, but stupidly ended up deleting it! I actually got a lot of comments from people asking where my post went! CiarraLorren tagged me in this, and I’m super grateful that she did! Now I read through it again, I realise I’m an idiot for deleting it in the first place! Go self confidence.


  • Thank the person who nominated you & link to their blog
  • Answer the 10 questions
  • Nominate & tag as many people as you’d like

Questions & Answers

What is one facial or physical feature you like most about yourself?

I used to really like my bum until it disappeared, but now it would be my eyelashes if that counts! I perm them and they look incredible! I’m going to do a post on how I perm them soon, so look out for that!

What values are most important to you?

Being polite, humour, faith, trust and kindness

What is one personality trait you like most about yourself?

I like that I’m very accepting of people. You’re a male and want to wear a dress? Cool. You want to grow out all your body hair? Awesome. People should just be who THEY want to be. Not what other people tell them what to be.

What is your definition of beautiful?

A kind soul. You may look like a model, but if you’re a total bitch, you’re garbage to me.

What is the last thing you did that made you smile or laugh?

Watching back my old ‘vlogs’ that I mentioned previously. They’re honestly hilarious.

When do you feel most attractive?

When I’ve moisturised, fake tanned, matching underwear or wearing bright blue lipstick.

What are you passionate about?

Orcas. I bloody love them.

Who is the most supportive figure in your life?

100% my mum. She’s very honest with me if I do something that she doesn’t think was right, but she’s always there for me every step of the way. I don’t know what I would do without her.

What are you most proud of about yourself?

It was how far I have managed to come since being ill. I was bed bound and couldn’t even walk to the toilet which is 20 steps away. I then managed to get into full time work, have a social life, and feel normal. I have relapsed unfortunately, and now nearly bed bound again. So for that reason, I guess it would be my blog. I never thought I would get the views and the support that I get. I love you all.

Do you feel good about yourself today?

Yes and no. My skin is getting so much clearer, and I’m feeling super positive for some strange reason… But the pain in my stomach still hasn’t settled, so it’s making me feel a bit grim.

The Sunshine Blogger Award


Thank you to Cassandra for this nomination! Cassandra and I actually did a collab together recently (Everyday Makeup Tutorial), and she is honestly one of the sweetest girls ever!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Answer the questions sent by the person who nominated you
  3. Nominate other bloggers
  4. Write them new questions
  5. List the rules and let other bloggers know you have nominated them.

Questions & Answers

  1. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? 

    Honestly, it would most likely be spaghetti bolognese. Or garlic bread. Or cheesy chips. Or a spaghetti bolognese onto of cheesy chips with a side of garlic bread. That would suit me nicely.

  2. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 5 things what would they be? 

    A hot man, a giant white feather fan, some red grapes, a cocktail shaker and vodka. Theres bound to be fruit on the island so my hot gentlemen friend can whip me up a cocktail, and then bring it to me. Then, he can fan me whilst he feeds me grapes and I sip my cocktail inbetween. I actually wish I was stranded on an island now…

  3. Why did you start blogging? 

    I have the long winded version above, but honestly at first it was something to cure my boredom whilst I was off work, and then realised I wanted to start introducing my love for beauty into it. Best decision I’ve made.

  4. Tell us one thing that is unique about you 

    I have a mole on my left butt cheek.

  5. Wheres your favorite place to go?
    To the beach. Any beach will do. I live in Oxfordshire in England, so I don’t get to see beaches often. If anyone wants to take me to Weymouth, or perhaps the Bahamas, I’m game.

Liebster Award



  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers
  • Ask 11 new questions for them to answer

My Answers To The Questions

  • What was the last book you read that you loved? 

    I feel like a broken record since I always talk about it, but it was ‘The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you do! 

  • If you could be another person for an entire day, who would you be and why? 

    Apart from Gordon Ramsay, I think I’d pick someone like the Queen or someone who’s minted, and then deposit money into my account. I gotta pay my bills somehow, bitch.

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?

    I think I said this in another award, but from being bed bound to then managing full time work. Unfortunately, I can’t do that at the moment, but it was nice while it lasted! 
  • What is your top skincare tip? 

    Always have no makeup days, and always make sure you wash your face morning and night. Also, change your pillow cases regularly. 

  • What is your favorite physical attribute about yourself? 

    I do like my eyes, so I think I’d have to say that. Or the mole on my butt cheek. I want to get a tattoo on the side on my bum, going down my leg, but I don’t want to cover it up!! 

  • What is your top tip for staying positive? 

    Surround yourself with people who make you a better person. If someone treats you, and makes you feel like shit, get rid of them. It’s not worth your happiness. 

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert and how does being that affect your life? 

    Embarrassingly enough, I had to google this since I’m always getting them mixed up, but if Buzzfeed’s quiz is anything to go by, I’m a ‘Mild Extrovert’… 

  • What are your current blog goals? 

    Right now I would love to start working with a few different companies, but who knows! 

  • What is your perfect pizza? 

    Thin crispy base, tomato sauce, not too much cheese, pepperoni (the small and large time), and then shit tons of tabasco sauce. Oh, and also the garlic and herb sauce for my crusts. Yes please. 

  • Do you get along with your family? Why or why not? 

    I have a super small, but close family! My nan moved in with us when I was little, so I guess I’ve been super close with her because of that, and even when she moved out again, it didn’t really change! 

  • What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning? 

    I’m a complete embarrassment, and honestly woke up thinking of Oreos, and then when I went to grab the packet, I remembered I ate them all last night. Life sucks.

My Questions:

  1. If your nails are painted right now, what colour are they?
  2. What’s the last film you watched?
  3. What’s one food that you cannot stand?
  4. Would you rather never be able to wash your bedding again, or have to use the same towel forever?
  5. Dragons or dinosaurs?
  6. High heels or flats?
  7. What colour clothing do you own most of?
  8. Phone or Laptop?
  9. If you were in the Guiness book of world records, what would it be for?
  10. What’s your 5 most used apps?
  11. What time do you usually go to bed?

Mystery Blogger Award


I actually got nominated for this twice by Claudia and Anita! Big thank you to both of you special ladies!! They both post about fashion and beauty, and are definitely blogs to go check out!


  • Put the award logo in your blog.
  • List the rules
  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to their blog too.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Nominate 10-20 people for the same award.
  • Notify the nominees by commenting on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees and 5 questions of your choice and one weird/funny question.
  • Share links to your best posts.


Three Things About Myself

  • I wanted to be an air hostess when I was younger
  • I still to this day am traumatise by ‘Watership Down’
  • I have a strange obsession with buying new bedding

My Best Posts

Claudia’s Questions:

  1. If you went to a desert island tomorrow, what three things would you take?Apart from the other things I mentioned in my Sunshine Blogger Award nomination, I’d bring my dogs, a mattress, and a top sheet. I can’t stand the feeling of sleeping on a naked mattress.


  2. Do you have any pets? If so, which one? If you do not have one, would you like to have it?I have two dogs! They’re both Chihuahua crosses. Sasha’s a nervous wreck, and makes up for it by being a cocky little shit, and Leia’s a lazy, food obsessed pooch. Guess which ones my dog..? Actually, they both sound like me…
  3. What’s your favourite makeup product?

    I think I would either have to pick lipstick or mascara. It’s a tough one!

  4. What is your favorite store?Superdrug or boots most likely. I honestly buy from all over the place, so I don’t think I have a favourite… Maybe LUSH?!
  5. Have you ever been through something very terrible? 

    I feel like unfortunately a lot of us have! 

Anita’s Questions:

  1. What’s your motivation in life?Honestly, I’m not too sure. I just have to give myself little pep talks, reminding myself that I need to be a badass bitch.
  2. What’s your favorite makeup brand?Maybelline. I’ve tried so many of their products, and only found one that I wasn’t in-love with, but I didn’t hate it either.
  3. What’s your favorite song?I can’t pick one! Currently, I guess it would be Fetish – Selena Gomez, but I couldn’t tell you my all time favourite!
  4. Which country would you like to visit?I’d have to say France, just because of Bora Bora.
  5. Whats your biggest dream in life?

    I hate myself for saying this, but just to be happy and healthy.

My Questions

  1. What’s the first thing you do in the morning, and the last thing you do at night?
  2. If you could pick any celebrities, dead or alive, to have dinner with, who would you pick and why?
  3. Who’s your biggest inspiration in your life?
  4. Do you try to keep up with fashion trends, or try to create your own?
  5. What’s your best life hack you’ve learnt?


And we are DONE! Again, thank you so so so much to everyone who nominated me, and please do let me know if you have tagged me in something, and I haven’t included in it here! I’d love to do it!

As for the nominations, I decided to do a ‘mass-nomination’ and then let all you lovely lot decide on what you would like to participate in! You all deserve to be nominated in all of them, so the choice is in your hands!

Nominations (In No Particular Order):

Pink Coma


New Lune

Cassie Morgan M

Abby Uppington













  1. 24th July 2017 / 3:25 am

    I’m still traumatised by Watership Down too! I thought nobody even watched the movie let alone still thinks about it except me 😂

  2. 24th July 2017 / 9:56 am

    I have to agree with you on the horror movie stance! I tell myself I love them but I really do hate them. I have such an overactive imagination so anything remotely scary plays in my mind for ages! Great post! x

    • 24th July 2017 / 10:55 am

      Hahah same as me! I’ll be lying in bed and think I hear someone at the front door haha!! Thank you! x

  3. 24th July 2017 / 11:37 am

    So many awards! Amazing! Congratulations! Good to get to know you a bit. Garlic bread is so good. 😄

  4. 24th July 2017 / 12:30 pm

    “I have about 5 different TV series that I started watching, and then haven’t finished yet.” — Could relate to this SO MUCH 😂this is why I like watching films in a way, haha!

    Was great fun learning more about you!

    • 24th July 2017 / 1:16 pm

      Its honestly getting ridiculously 😂 I think I’m going to finish The Walking Dead today, but god knows if that will happen 😂 x

  5. 25th July 2017 / 7:42 pm

    Great, interesting answers! I can’t even imagine how many hours you must have spent answering them all!

  6. 29th July 2017 / 8:54 pm

    Why am i just seeing this?! haha!
    Loved reading your answers for the Liebster awards and omg your description of your favorite pizza has got me craving one really bad!

  7. 5th August 2017 / 3:16 pm

    Ah! Thank you, Brooke! I’m so sorry that I’m seeing this so late, but thank you so much for the nomination!💕

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