REVIEW: Zhuzh! The Tan Accelerator

Where do I even start with this bad boy!

Zhuzh! is a spray on tan accelerator, which basically means that you’re going to get a darker tan, faster, whilst using this.

My mum has been buying this for donkeys years, meaning that I’ve used it for years too (Thanks Lozza), so I can’t actually remember the first time I used this, so I can’t tell you what my first impressions where.

Zhuzh! was created by a man called Steve Whatley (who unfortunately is no longer with us), and is packaged in a gold reflective plastic bottle, with the logo in clear black writing on the front.

Under the lid is just a simple black spray top. The product itself comes out in a whitish sheen, but instantly disappears when rubbed in.

Boosts the natural pigment in your skin to deliver a quicker, more intense, longer lasting tan. Speeding up the tanning process allows you to spend less time in the sun but still achieve maximum results fast. Our unique blend of ingredients works to promote your own natural colour tan whilst keeping it fresh and moisturised. Simply spray on to clean dry skin before and during exposure to the sun – it’s as simple as that!

One thing I LOVE about this product is how thin the constancy is. The majority of tan accelerators come in a cream or lotion formula, and obviously this ones pretty much the consistency of milk. Its super easy to apply since it’s a spray, and also is non sticky.


Not only is this used to help you tan faster, but since it has added Shea butter in, it’s also super moisturising, meaning that your tan will also last longer! What’s not to love about this product?!

I’m going to speak on behalf of my mum hear too since she’s never seen without a bottle in the summer, but this is definitely a summer must have. Every year we’re both pretty much drenched head to toe in this, and always get amazing results.


  • Smells amazing
  • Added Shea butter
  • Easy to travel around with
  • Isn’t sticky
  • Easy to apply
  • Actual product doesn’t have a colour when rubbed in
  • Long lasting
  • Helps those who suffer from prickly heat
  • Makes you get darker quicker
  • Prolongs your tan


  • Doesn’t contain SPF

This is definitely something that everyone should get, if they’re wanting to ‘cheat’ their way to a tan. I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough.

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