August 2017 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Okay, this month I may finally be able to get back to work? Obviously it wont be the 45-50 hours that I was doing, but even on super part-time hours would be good.
  • Sort my car out. It’s due to have its MOT soon, so I need to clean it all out, take out all the bloody air fresheners that just keep building up, get some more oil and replace my number plate. I actually hit a stag (one of them big ass deers with the big antlers) and it only cracked my number plate and left a few scratches which I’m so bloody thankful for. The only reason I’m pissed off about having to replace it is because when I hit it (he ran off. No stag blood on my hands), some of its fur got stuck in the cracks of the plate, and I’ve kept it there ever since to warn the other wildlife creatures not to fuck with me. Turns out, no animals have run out on me since, so I have a feeling now I don’t have Mr.Stag’s fur there anymore, they’re going to be playing a game of chicken (now I’ve said that, it wouldn’t surprise me if an actual chicken ran out).
  • Start sorting my room out and buy supplies, ready for it to be redecorated.
  • Buy some new bras and jeans. Since I lost weight, NOTHING FITS ME. I literally had to run out and buy dresses (I’m normally never seen in a dress) so that if I lost anymore, I still would have something to wear.

Health Goals: 

  • Find out my main skin triggers and try to keep my skin as clear as possible.
  • Try and get a little bit of a bum back. I’m not saying I was Kim Kardashian or anything, but it would be nice to replace my pancake with something else. I do think not being a work has made it even more flat since the office was up two flights of stairs, and the most I ever went up them was 34 times in one day (Thanks Fitbit).
  • I am FINALLY started to ease off taking my pills and potions, so I want to be able to replace them with vitamins. I already am taking a few, but I need to up them!

Blog Goals:

  • Stop being a little bitch. I went through a stage where I just wasn’t feeling blogging anymore and wanted to pack it all in. Thankfully (maybe not so thankfully for you guys), I’m sticking around for a bit longer.
  • Since I’ve been blogging, my stats have doubled every month, so would be nice for August to do the same!
  • Try and stick with my blogging schedule even though I’m sweating thinking about it.

So like last month, I have 10 whole goals to complete. Lets try to beat 4.5, hey?!

What are you goals for August?

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