Blogging 101: How I Blog

I thought it would be a nice idea to tell you guys how I blog. I find it really interesting to see how everyone has their own ways of blogging, and I would love to hear how you guys write/plan your posts!

How I Blog

Marking Magazine Pages


This is only something I’ve recently started doing, but boy, does it help. When I can, I go and get a bunch of womans, fashion, beauty etc. magazines, and then flick through them with my trusty block of sticky page tabs. I mark down any pages that I want to read, things that catch my eye, any new products on the way, fashion catwalks, and inspiration. It’s surprising how many more ideas you can get from magazines, but please don’t copy them. Having ideas and using the same products they’ve mentioned is fine, but coping the magazine word for word is ridiculous. Be your own person!

Inspiration Books


Similar to the magazines, I buy books which fit my blogging genre. Currently, I have the cliché lifestyle books (Love x Style x Life and Capture Your Style), but I honestly have found them so helpful. Get yourself on Amazon (You could go to the library, but I prefer to keep my inspiration books) and find books that will fit with your blog genre. If you’re a healthy eating blog, get some cook books. If you’re a mummy blog, get yourself some baby books. You get the gist.

My Office (Or My Garden)


Welcome to my office! I tend to do most of my posts in the garden, or if its raining or night-time, I then switch over into my bed. I think working outside works the best for me since obviously the lighting will be the brightest outside so I can take any photos I need. Also, its great if I’m halfway through a post, and realise I haven’t taken a feature photo, then I can quickly snap it there and then. I do also try to keep myself as focused as possible, and try to write my blog posts when it’s quite, so then I’m not disturbed. Find a place that best suits you and your needs! It could be your bed, your office, your garden, a coffee shop, or even an internet cafe! Wherever you feel most productive!

Backgrounds & Props


Background: Getting myself backgrounds was a HUGE help. I was constantly trying to take my photos on my bed sheets, but I could never get the lighting right, and my dogs would always end up sticking their noses in the shot. I brought some white marble sticky back vinyl (classic I know) and stuck this onto a foam board. I also have another foam board that I’ve left white, but I never quite realised how fast they get dirty! Hobbycraft, here I cone. Another thing I use quite a lot is wall paper. I brought a roll off of eBay, and then I went into B&Q and got a shit ton of samples. My room is literally covered in wallpaper now.95DD58D9-FB0D-49F7-AF11-43BB6F992456.jpeg

Props: Ahh my one true love. Props are actually amazing. The difference in a photo with and without them is crazy. I honestly just go around my house, and pick up different things I think would go. I’ve used decorative plates, glasses, crystals, shells, hip flasks, makeup products, etc. You can literally use anything. I also find that charity shops have some really good things that you can use as props, so definitely have a look around and see what you could use. Also, if you type ‘Blog Props’ into Pinterest, you’ll find loads of different ideas. Props are the way forward!!


I don’t know what I would do without being able to schedule my posts. I post every single day, meaning I have a LOT of writing to do. There are days where I write 6 posts in one day, and there are days where I’m simply not even interested in opening my laptop. I only post things I’m happy with, and I’m proud of writing, so I find scheduling is honestly amazing for those days you don’t want to write, but you know you have content still being posted. Currently, I’m writing this on the 19th July, but you’ll end up seeing this at the end of the month/start of next month, but I’m always moving my posts around.


Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 00.50.39.png

My calendar is my best friend. You’ve likely seen that recently I’ve done a LOT of collabs. I am AWFUL at remembering dates, so every time we would agree on a date, I would jot it down along with scheduling it. I can also easily see what my next blog posts are, and try to mix them up a little. For example, I try not to have two ‘Blogging 101’ posts on two consecutive days.


If I’m writing a post about skin care for example, I want to make sure I know my shit before I write about it. I tend to look at 3-4 websites about the thing I’m writing about, before I put it in my post.

Notes, Lists & Post It Notes

Following from the post above, I literally have notes everywhere. I have them in journals, notebooks, my iPhones notes, everywhere! If I’m out and I suddenly see something that sparks idea, I write it down straight away.


Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 00.45.55

As you can see, I bloody love drafts. These are all uncompleted blog posts. Some of them have photos attached without text, and some have text without photos. I find it so much easier this way, so then I can just jump into my drafts and work on something new.

There we have it! That is how I blog! I do try to be super organised with blogging, but I think I have to be since I post everyday.

How do you blog? What’s your favourite blogging tip that you’ve found?

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