Beauty Resolutions

I am useless at sticking to New Years resolutions. I honestly don’t think I’ve gone the whole of January without messing up on my own resolutions. I thought it would be useful for not only others who want to start beauty related resolutions, but also for myself. I’m someone who tends to remember things better if I’ve written them down.

I haven’t chosen any resolutions that will make every living day hell (like going gluten-free. Fuck you stomach), but just almost little reminders to keep myself motivated and fingers crossed I will actually stick to these.

My Beauty Resolutions

Wash My Makeup Brushes More Often

I am honestly the most grossest person ever. I think I actually only wash my brushes about 3 times a year. Grim.

Taking My Makeup Off Every Night

I don’t tend to wear that much makeup at the minute due to being off of work, but when I go back, I need to make sure I actually take it off, even if I do get in at 3am.

Look After The Skin On My Body More

I’ve been focusing on my face for so long, that I keep forgetting to look after my body. I think I need to make a mental note to exfoliate and moisturise every bath time.

Start Taking Vitamins For Skin

I’m currently already taking vitamins B12 and D3, and also taking Pharmaton (energy vitamins that have a whole bunch of stuff in), but I want to start taking vitamins like C, E and K which do a bunch for your skin.

Change My Pillowcases Everyday

I’ve mentioned so many times in the past how changing your pillowcases frequently helps with acne, and I want to start doing it every other day at least, but aiming for everyday.

Experiment With Bolder Eyeshadows

I’m such a pussy with eyeshadows since I’m possibly the worst person ever when it comes to applying shadows. Even though I’m completely shit and tend to stick with neutral colours, I actually want to try to play around with more blues and reds.

Having Monthly Product Clear Outs

This is something I don’t hardly every do. I want to just start looking at products and throwing them away if I don’t use them or they’re out of date.

Stop Sticking To The Same Products

I don’t actually have a makeup bag anymore since I just keep all my daily products in with my whole collection. I actually did this to try to help me start to grab different products, but I always remember right after I finish that I should have used other things.

Do More With My Hair

My co-worker actually brought me a hairbrush for Christmas since I would just wake up and walk out the door (Cheers Corbin). It’s now shoulder length, and I want to try to experiment with different styles and colours again. If you saw My Hair History blog post, you’ll know I have had so many colours, and now it’s just boring and natural. Boo you hair.

What’s your beauty resolutions?