COLLAB: 2 Drugstore & 1 Luxury Base Makeup Review

Anabelle from belleamour, got in contact with me, and we started to discuss various different collaboration ideas! She came up with the idea to both share our favourite drugstore foundation, concealer, and powder, and try out each others favourites. Strangely enough, we both had one product each that wasn’t drugstore, and that how this pretty little collab post was born! Make sure you check out Anabelle’s verdict on my favourites!

Maybelline – Fit Me! Foundation


Product details

Fit Me Matte & Poreless has been designed for normal to oily skin. Its blurring micro powders refines pores while shine is being absorbed for a natural matte finish.
Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation fits both skin and texture for natural finish and poreless looking skin.

How to use

Apply smoothly and evenly to your face and blend with your fingertips.

I’ve heard a ridiculous amount of good things about the Fit Me foundations. Unfortunately, I picked out the matte one, instead of the dewy one that Anabelle uses.

I did use my usual primer underneath this, since I always apply primer first, and wanted to see what it truly looked and felt like on.

The Packaging

I neither disliked or liked the packaging of this. It comes in a squeezy tube, with a matte black top, and a see-through plastic bottom. I did like how the bottom part was see through, so you can see how much product is left, and if you brought multiple shades, you’d be able to tell straight away on what shade you needed to grab.

The Product

I will say, this shade is a little too dark for me, but since I’m getting my spray tan soon, it should be a perfect match!

The formula is very liquidy and lightweight. It did take me a few layers to get the coverage I wanted, but I can’t tell you enough how amazing my skin looked. Even though this was the matte version, my skin looked fresh and healthy.

I’d personally say that this gives off a medium coverage, but its very buildable.


I’ve had this foundation all day, and its still looking amazing. I actually prefer this to my other foundation, and this one is a lot more affordable. Definitely switching over to this one.


Maybelline – Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye


Product details

Why You’ll Love It

  • Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smoothes
  • Active formula with Haloxyl reduces the look of puffiness and shadows while fading the appearance of under-eye circles
  • Apply neutralizer shade for extreme dark circles.
  • Brightener shade adds a luminous touch.

How to use

For Best Results

Use applicator to apply concealer directly to under-eye area, blending in an outward motion. Wipe off excess eye concealer with dry tissue only. Do not wet applicator.

I actually tried this out before, but I managed to lose it somehow, and I honestly cannot remember on what I thought about it then.

The Packaging

I’m surprised by how much I like this. I love how easy it is to travel around, and how the applicator isn’t rough or scratchy. Big fan.

The Product

I popped this under my eyes, down the centre of my nose, and also on my forehead. This definitely brightening up my skin, and didn’t look caked on. It also helped to tone down the dark coloured foundation.

The Verdict

Okay. This collab may have saved my face. I don’t think anything will ever beat my Collection lasting perfection concealer (recommendations are welcome), but I love how brightening this is! It definitely looks natural, and doesn’t cake! Amazing!

RCMA – No Colour Powder


A lightweight, finely milled powder ideal for all skin tones.

No-Colour Powder is a unique loose and invisible setting powder. The weightless texture buffs effortlessly into the skin without leaving behind an ashy cast or altering the colour of your foundation. Ideal for trends such as baking, the non-caking finish of this professionally developed powder is a must-have essential for making your makeup stay all day.

I’m so happy that this was one of Anabelle’s favourites, since I’ve been dying to try this out, but never brought it for some reason.

The Packaging

I’m really not a fan on the packaging. It feels cheap, and for some reason, I get halloween makeup vibes from it?! As you can see in the second photo, I went to take a photo of the powder with the lid open, and it flew out everywhere! Definitely could get a bit messy. I personally tapped some of the powder out onto another products lid, and used it from there.

On another note though, there is quite a lot of powder in the tub, so I’m thinking that this will last me a long time (if I don’t end up spilling it everywhere that is).

The Product

The powder actually feels like cornstarch to me. It is very fine and smooth, and it’s just what I want in a powder. After applying, not only was my face smoother than a babies bottom, but my makeup actually looked like it wasn’t going to budge. I have extremely oily skin, and after 6 hours of having this on, I noticed the tiniest bit of oiliness around my nose, but I definitely have had more with other powders.


Despite the packaging, I am hooked. I can’t believe that I waited so long to try this out! I definitely am going to use this when I’m going out and looking more oily than usual, and every time I wear foundation. Love this so much!


Damn Anabelle, you know good makeup. I honestly cannot believe I waited so long to try these out! There wasn’t one product I didn’t like! The only bug bare I had was with the RCMA powder, but for such a good product, I think I can let this slide.


(I had zero eye makeup on apart from my brows, so thats why they’re looking rather in your face)

Have you tried any of these out before? What was your verdict on them?