Secrets Of A Lifestyle Blogger

Hi guys! I wanted to put up a tiny disclaimer just to say that these are only my ‘secrets’ that I thought I should share with you all, and also to see if people’s secrets are the same as mine!

Makeup Tutorials

Depending on the look I’m creating, it can vary between 20-45 minutes to apply. I haven’t as of yet actually posted a lot of makeup tutorials/looks, but when I do my makeup for a blog post, an Instagram post, or even just to take a few selfies, I’m guaranteed to remove all the makeupΒ straight after.

Honestly, despite having a blog that is mainly revolved around makeup, I actually love the feeling of being able to rub my eyes and not having to worry that my mascara is going to end up halfway down my face. 1.5 hours to apply and take a selfie or two, and 5 minutes to take off. Am I the only one guilty of this?!

Messy Hair & Pyjamas

Whenever I write a post or post a IG photo, I’m likely sat in bed with a cup of tea in one hand, hair all over the place, spot treatment on, and lounging around in my pyjamas.

Taking Photos Of Everything

I didn’t actually realise how much blogging would affect my day to day life. Went out for lunch? Took a photo. Brought a new lipstick? Took a photo. Saw a bird? Took a photo.

I honestly now take photos of everything, and I’m actually not too pissed off about it. It’s really nice to be able to look back at my week through photos, and see what I’ve gotten up too.


The bane of my life, but also the most satisfying feeling of being able to capture the perfect flatlay. I can spend half hour fiddling about with the objects, just to make it look as if I’ve thrown them down, and that’s how they’ve naturally landed.

There’s nothing more pleasing than looking at photos of perfect flatlays that people have created, but what a lot of people don’t realise is how bloody long they take to capture. Damn you flatlay. Damn you.

Instagram Lies

Instagram is full of liars, or so people think. Obviously, Instagrammers are only going to post the nice photos of our 5* lunches or big fancy castles, but that is NOT how we live 24/7. The majority of the time, you will find me sat in bed with a horrendous amount of spot cream on, whilst posting a photo of an outfit I wore a few weeks back, and I think a lot of people are the same.


What are your dirty little blogging secrets?



45 thoughts on “Secrets Of A Lifestyle Blogger

  1. YESS! Preach, sister! You’re so spot on about the flatlays. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts of time placing makeup (or if it’s food then scatters of ingredients) to take a class A picture just for it to all look like it magically fell that way on to the table/ground! Love the secrets post! xx

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  2. Oh yes I love this post! So damn relatable, I’m always laid in bed when I’m writing posts, no profession desk set up here. And instagram? Ha I can’t remember the last time I took a photo and uploaded it when I was actually doing it! I have a huge back log of photos ready to be uploaded onto instagram when I feel like they’ll fit well! X

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  3. You couldn’t have said it better! I’m always in pjs and looking a mess. My Insta is a collection of the best pictures I’ve taken in the last week or from the one time I’ve left my home. I barley wear makeup even though I love it, I never look put together and most of my life is spent inside the walls of the Walmart I work at. Yet here we are putting our lives up for all to see making people believe our lives are a bit more perfect than they really are. Nothing wrong with that. Also if I throw another pillow and it doesn’t look perfect I’m going to scream. Absolutely love the truth in this post and how many other bloggers relate!

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