I’ve had my eye on the Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base for such a long time, but I wasn’t a particular fan of paying £36 for something I hated.

I then came across a dupes page, and I almost cried when the Chanel bronzer was on there, and they had a dupe that everyone agreed was a close match! The W7 Makeup Up & Glow was soon to be mine.

Give your face that sun-kissed glow that we need all year round.

Make Up & Glow is a gel bronzing base that can be used as a tinted, cream primer, under foundation.

Apply a small amount onto the face and blend in before application of foundation. It can also be used to aid a natural, no makeup look or even use it to help with contouring.

W7 are known for doing so many dupes, and I’m yet to be disappointed by one, so I had big expectations for this.


Dirt cheap. I brought mine off of Amazon for £3.05 (it’s now £6.98), so even if I thought it was shitty, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.



I love how they have made it look so similar to the Chanel packaging. It’s quite difficult to explain, but there is sort of two layers? One which is the outside, and then another plastic tub with the product in, which spins around and does my head in. I could easily glue it down (not sure if it was meant to be glued down already and mine may have come unstuck somehow), so I think I may have to in the future.



After I applied my foundation and concealer, I went ahead and started to bronze my face. I used the Real Techniques 301 Flat Contour Brush and popped this in the hollows on my cheeks, temples, hair line, down my nose, under my lip, and on my chin and down my neck so that everything matched up.

Thoughts And Feelings

I’ve never used any sort of bronzer that isn’t a powder before, so I was a little hesitant to try this out at first but, I’m actually a big fan of this, and the price?! You can’t go wrong. It was super easy to blend out, and applied so smoothly, and I would 100% recommend. Also, I thought that this wouldn’t last me as long as a powder would since I thought I would need to apply more to the brush to get good pigmentation, but boy, I was wrong.

Have you tried either the W7 bronzer or the Chanel bronzer? What did you think?



  1. I’ve had the Chanel bronzer for over a year now and I use it all the time when I’m taking time with my makeup or if it’s sunny and hot it stays in place a lot better than any powder bronzer, but it barely looks used still I know i’ll never need another cream bronzer! Xo

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      1. If you find the W7 one easy to work with and you like the colour then you don’t need the Chanel one, I can’t use w7 products as it always breaks me out so I’m glad I bought the chanel one it is an investment but does last such a long time xo

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      2. Thats so bizarre! Thinking of it, I actually had a really bad breakout after using this, but I never once considered it could be the bronzer! I’ll have to try it out again and see what happens! I’ll be gutted if its that haha! xx


      3. Do be careful with it then, I used to have an w7 eyeshadow palette and it dried my eyes out beyond belief I couldn’t wear makeup for ages, and their face products just don’t agree with me at all so be careful with it but I do have very sensitive skin so I usually have more obvious reactions to new makeup items xo

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