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Is The Follow Button Easy To Find?

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I mentioned this in another post, but if the follow button is difficult to find, I won’t follow them. I refuse to spend more than 2 minutes trying to find it, and a lot of people seem to agree.

Is The Text Easy To Read With Your Background?

I mentioned this in my Blogging 101: My 5 Blogging Pet Peeves post. I have come across so many different blogs where I haven’t been able to read any of their content. It’s such a waste to put all that time and effort into a post, for people to not even be able to read.

Have You Got A Contact Page?


It might be that someone wants to email you a question about your previous blog post, or even may be from someone just saying hello. It may even be a company wanting to work for you. If you don’t have a contact page, people won’t be able to contact you. It’s pretty simple. Also, make sure it’s just as easy to find as your follow button is. People won’t spend ages looking for it.

Have You Linked Your Social Media?

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If someone really appreciates your blog, they’re going to want to see you elsewhere! Link all of your social media pages, and you never know who might stumble across them!


Have Your Proof Read?

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When you’re about to hit the ‘Publish’ button, click on the tick button with ABC along to top of it. This will pick up on spellings that are incorrect, and will correct any grammar issues that are in your post. I click the button, and then read my post from start to finish, to double check I am happy with everything. I’ll be honest and say that there have been so many times where I post something and the grammar or spelling of something has been completely wrong, even when I have proof read my posts! You could always send your post to another person and get them to triple check everything is a-okay!

Have You Selected Your Posts For The Correct Category & Tags?

WordPress has a limit of 15 categories and tags. Well, it will let you add more than 15, but your posts will NOT be shown in the reader, which completely defeats the object of using them in the first place! Make sure that you use under 15, and that they’re relevant for what your post is about.


Have You Cropped Them To The Right Size?

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Are Your Photos Good Quality?

If you’re going to add photos into your posts (which I highly recommend), at least make sure that you have good quality ones! I’m not saying run out and buy the most expensive camera and hire a whole photography team, but at least try and make sure that they’re as good as they can be.

Is The Lighting Good?

There isn’t too much to say on this one, but if you’re going to show something off, at least make it so that people can see what you’re actually showing off.

If you wanted to keep a copy of this blogging checklist for when you’re looking at your blog/writing up your next blog post, I made a downloadable and printable PDF version which you can get for FREE!

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