Why Can Women Get Away With Things A Man Can’t?

Yes, I am a feminist. You’re a full blown asshole if you’re not.

A lot of people will hear the word ‘feminist’ and automatically think that women want to have greater power than men. This is the complete opposite of what we want. We want equality. Every single person should be treated with the same respect, despite gender.

I want females and males to be treated the SAME. Nobody should have greater power than the other.

I think it’s disgusting that women get treated differently to men. I also think it’s disgusting that men get treated differently to women.

For example, there is a ‘comedy’ that has been released called ‘Hello, My Name Is Doris’, which follows an older lady, and her love for her younger colleague. Now, why is it that if it was an older man who is falling in love with a younger women, there would be outrage?


Why is it that a women call fall in love with someone who’s 20+ years her junior, and is branded as ‘lucky’ and ‘a women who knows what she wants in life’, but if a man did it, he would be classed a ‘paedophile’ and ‘disgusting’?

Another example is when Madonna shoved her tongue down Drake’s throat whilst performing at Coachella.


At the time, Madonna was 56, whilst Drake was 28.

People laughed and applauded Madonna, saying she did nothing wrong.

Does this look like someone who wanted to be forcefully kissed?27831F3C00000578-3036560-image-a-238_1428908071552.jpg

After the performance, she did get some rightful backlash. She then went to Instagram to stand up for herself. Really Madonna? You’re trying to say that this is okay?!

Lets say that man who is 56, grabbed a female who is 28, and started to kiss her, and the women made the same face as Drake did? The media would be going INSANE with fury, and I’m pretty sure the police would be involved.

Sexual assault is a sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or non-consensual sexual touching of a person.’

Why don’t people understand that sexual assault doesn’t just happen to women? Why is it when a girl tells their friends that they were forced to have sex with their boyfriend, they’re told that it’s rape and they need to report it straight away, but when a guy tells his friends that their girlfriend forced them to have sex with them, they’re told that they need to marry her and that they wish their girlfriend was like his.

Bottom line is that we need to stop having one rule for one gender, and another rule for the other.

I am fully aware that people may not agree with what I’ve said, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I won’t change mine.  I would love to hear your opinions. Let me know.



36 thoughts on “Why Can Women Get Away With Things A Man Can’t?

  1. Wow. This article is such an eye opener. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think people should just be more open and accept each other based on individuals and not stereotypes. And i believe that this all comes down to respect. We treat each other unfairly based on the lack of respect for one another.

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  2. People have the wrong idea of feminism, and I totally agree it’s wrong that women can get away with things men cannot! We live in a world where women want to be ‘equal’ yet are doing things that wouldn’t be deemed acceptable for a man to do. Great post, I enjoyed reading this! X

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  3. SING IT LOUDERRRR! I love this post so much; I hate when you explain things like this and wanting to promote equal rights for men TOO and you get a few choice assholes who are like “you’re trying to emasculate men!” and “let a man be a man!”. No, we’re trying to REVERSE harmful stereotypes about what being a “man” is. We’re trying to de-sexualise men and this whole idea that all they’re interested in is a bunch of shallow pursuits x

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  4. I feel like the gender bias is so different depending on where you are from. Here in the states women are made fun of for dating younger men while older men who date younger women are applauded. Personally I think as long as both parties or of consenting age, it shouldn’t matter. Sometimes I’m not a big fan of HUGE age gaps, but it doesn’t matter if it’s men, women, etc. I always have a hard time trying to imagine what an 18 year old and an 80 year old could possibly have in common.

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  5. Two years ago I was drugged in my drink and woke up to a woman raping me with a naked man watching and dancing masterbating. Women are equally prone to power and abuse it is just minimised and almost laughed off. I told a few people who scoffed at the thought a woman was even able to do that. So I kept silent

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    1. I’ve been sat here in complete and utter shock. I hate to think that we live among other people who can even think of doing something like that, let alone doing it. You were so brave of speaking out and it upsets me so much that people didn’t take it as seriously as it actually is. I really hope that they can be caught and put behind bars. I really hope that you’re doing okay, and if you ever do want to talk, my email is always open x

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  6. Awesome post- I love the way you addressed the inequality between males and females! We live in a world of hypocrisy and double standards, especially with the topic of sexual violence. Just like the whole Madonna-Drake scenario, there’s so many women out there who get away with sexual violence against men and there’s so many men out there who aren’t taken seriously if they are sexually assaulted and it’s not fair at all. I stand with you on having no rules for gender- it is what it is whether you’re a male or female especially in today’s movement towards equality! I’d love for you to check out my blog- it’s all about giving male victims a voice and support! 🙂

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