Room Tour!

I am OBSESSED with room tours. Like honestly, a room tour addict.

Since I am decorating my room soon (I have been saying the word ‘soon’ for the last 5 months), I wanted to do a little post on showing you the current state of the room that I sleep in. I also wanted to be able to remind myself of what my room used to look like when I was 20 years old.


Lefthand Side Of My Room

Possibly the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing side to look at due to the tapestry and plants. The tapestry used to be black, and had a coloured elephant on, but since it’s summer, I thought I should go for a lighter coloured one instead! It’s also going to match my new rooms colours (white, grey and gold), so win win!

I also have this cupboard that’s built into the wall which I had ZERO idea what to do with it. I’ve lived here all my life, and never used it as anything but a place to hide all my junk or pretty much throw everything in there so that my actual room looks tidy. NOT ANYMORE!

I’ve hung up a tapestry at the back so that I can still hide the majority of the shit, but then used a tension curtain rod lower down, so that I could finally have a place to hang all of my jumpers up. I used to just fold them (throw them) in the bottom of the cupboard, but I was always loosing different jumpers at the back.

I’ve also put three different boxes underneath. The first box on the left holds bits and pieces like gloves and scarfs, the middle holds giveaway items, and the third has different camera equipment and props.

Bedside Cabinets

Years ago, my nan gave me two bedside cabinets. Since I already had one that matched my other furniture, I popped them both together to make drawers underneath the cupboard.

The top two hold most of my back up medicines


Middle drawers hold my stationary and underwear. I used to try to organise my underwear, but since the majority of it is from Primark, I’m not too fussed with it looking pretty in the drawer.IMG_7383

The last drawers have hair dyes and random cables in… and also a purse?IMG_7384




The right side of my wardrobe has all my shirts and t-shirts in. At the bottom I keep a plastic drawer which is full of beauty products. Next to that has baby wipes (I got them cheap and I bloody love baby wipes), and I have empty subscription boxes which I have no idea what to do with yet. I do use most of them for organising bits and pieces, but I haven’t gotten around to using these yet!

Left side has dresses and jumpsuits in, and then at the bottom has a couple of shoeboxes, jewellery boxes and a box of tampons. Nice.




My favourite part. My bed. Well, not just my bed. Also my dogs bed. Basically, she thinks not only is the whole bed is hers, but also the whole room. If anyone else comes in our room whilst she’s sleeping (apart from myself), she gives them devil eyes until they leave, or until she get too pissed off and leaves…


Apart from the usual bedding and dog, I usually always keep my laptop, book I’m currently reading, a bottle of drink, Gizmo (I’ve had him since I was little), and my TV hoppers (aka TV remotes). I currently have a queen sized bed, but I’m wanting to get a king sized, but I’m not sure if I can bring myself to part with my mattress yet…


Bedside Table

Usually, this gets super messy since I just throw pretty much EVERYTHING onto here, but I’m trying super hard to keep it as clear as I can.

Starting from the bottom, I have Volvic water on the floor since its pretty much all I drink. I then, embarrassingly, have a wicker basket which is full of food. Biscuits, chocolate, sweets… You name it.

I’m not going to show the inside of my drawer since its full of the shit that usually is on top of my bedside table.

I also have a white wicker basket that I keep all my daily medication in, and then a few other bits and bobs. Until today, it lived in a case on my bed, but it started to do my head in so I had to re-home it!


Apart from my bed, this is my favourite place. I am a nicknack horder, so this part of my room pretty much looks like a museum…

First shelf – Books, paperwork organiser and matching drawers which I haven’t managed to find somewhere useful for them as of yet.

Middle Shelf – Mainly home to magazines and a few photos on the left hand side.

Bottom shelf – Empty makeup boxes and alcohol… I also have come bigger champagne bottles down the left hand side of the shelves. I promise I’m not an alcoholic.

Makeup Station

I’m going to be doing a full makeup storage post soon, so I’m not going to go into the drawers, but this is where I sit and do my skincare and makeup.


Drawers & TV

This is somewhere that I’m never happy with how it looks. I always buy random bits and piece when I’m out, and they usually end up living here, meaning that it always looks a mess…

And that is the last bit of my room! I honestly cannot wait to do it up, and then look at what it used to look like!

Please let me know if you want me to let you know where I purchased something from, and I’ll try my very best to remember!