10 Things To Take To A Music Festival

As I’m writing this, I can currently hear Wilderness festival going on across the allotment from me. My back garden backs off onto the main road, and past that is the festival. If you have never been, it’s definitely one to tick off the list. It’s the second year I haven’t been able to go since my health is a pile of wank, but fingers crossed for next year!

When you’re festivaling, it sometimes can be difficult in knowing what to take (apart from the obvious tent and a 12 crate), and things can often be forgotten. It’s not until you’re there that you soon realise you should of perhaps brought more than a sleeping bag and alcohol.

  1. Wet Wipes
    I have such an obsession with wet wipes, and I don’t think I could cope at a festival without them! They take up hardly any room, but are super helpful, so make sure that you’ve got a pack or two.
  2. Dry Shampoo
    The showers at festivals aren’t exactly 5*. Luckily, since I live super close to Wilderness, I usually pop home to shower and actually have somewhere comfortable to sleep at night, but if you have to face the showers, it may be easier (and a lot less grubby) to just use dry shampoo whilst you’re there.
  3. Hand Sanitiser Most people will think I’m crazy for this, but since my immune system is shockingly shit, hand sanitiser is my number one. Also, like the showers, the toilets are a bit well… Shitty… And vomity….
  4. Waterproof Makeup
    Would it be a British festival without rain?! Not only is it going to stay on a LOT longer than usual, but it’s not going to end up half way down your face…
  5. Glitter
    I know a lot of people don’t actually like glitter, but go hard or go home. Glitter is where I’m at.
  6. Bright Clothing
    Again, if you’re not wearing bright coloured clothing at a festival, what’s the bloody point?! Get that tie-dye top out the back of your wardrobe ASAP.
  7. Makeup Remover
    If you don’t wear makeup, then it’s still nice to keep facial wipes near by so you can at least wipe off the grease and mud from the day. That’s if you’re sober enough to remember…
  8. Hayfever Tablets
    You’re in the middle of a field. You’ve literally placed yourself into a space of itchy eyes, runny nose and sore throat. Good luck my friend.
  9. Travel Toothbrush
    I love the little toothbrushes that you usually find in a machine in the service station toilets, and since you don’t need water to use them, you can literally chew them and you’re good to go.
  10. Wellies
    From what I’ve seen, festivals in the US are a whole lot different to festivals in the UK. Basically, your best bet is to wear a swimsuit and flippers since you’re going to be waist deep in mud and don’t be too surprised if you see a half naked person mud sliding past…


What are your must haves for a music festival?