Favourite Jewellery


Pandora Rings

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The first Pandora ring I brought was the Delicate Heart Ring (£35) and I literally wore it all the time. I then stumbled across the Timeless Elegance Ring (£80) whilst window shopping and I knew I had to get it. Again, I wore this all the time. I wear my rings on my ring finger though, so the amount of times I got congratulated was ridiculous. I had to stop wearing them since I lost weight because they kept sliding off and I didn’t want to lose them, but now I’m putting weight back on, I’m hoping that I can wear these again soon!

Pandora Bracelet


my ex boyfriend actually brought me this bracelet, plus a few charms, but it doesn’t stop my wearing it since it is so beautiful! Each charm has a little memory attached to it, so I don’t think I could dare part with it! I haven’t actually worn this in a while, but I still adore it.

Tiffany & Co Necklace


I got this from my mum for my 18th birthday. I remember I used to ask for this necklace for ages and ages, but by the time it was my birthday, I had zero idea that I was actually going to get one! I used to wear this one necklace all the time. I’d even sleep and shower in it! Since I’m too scared to damage this one, I don’t wear it all the time, but I do try to put it on when I remember to!

Philip Jones Bracelet


This is my most recent piece in my collection! The beautiful Sophie brought me this for my last birthday, and I am in love with it. It’s super pretty and delicate, which I love in jewellery! It’s crazy since we haven’t even met yet, but she knows my taste so well!

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery you own?



24 thoughts on “Favourite Jewellery

  1. Lovely items! I have soooo much jewelry that I got in college when I started having to wear professional dress more often. Now that I never leave the house, I don’t wear jewelry anymore, except my three rings: my engagement ring, my wedding band, and the ring my parents got me for my 21st birthday. It has an opal and pink tourmaline, which are the birthstones for October, my birth month. I don’t really care about any jewelry besides these, although I like awareness jewelry.

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