Favourite Jewellery


Pandora Rings

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The first Pandora ring I brought was the Delicate Heart Ring (£35) and I literally wore it all the time. I then stumbled across the Timeless Elegance Ring (£80) whilst window shopping and I knew I had to get it. Again, I wore this all the time. I wear my rings on my ring finger though, so the amount of times I got congratulated was ridiculous. I had to stop wearing them since I lost weight because they kept sliding off and I didn’t want to lose them, but now I’m putting weight back on, I’m hoping that I can wear these again soon!

Pandora Bracelet


my ex boyfriend actually brought me this bracelet, plus a few charms, but it doesn’t stop my wearing it since it is so beautiful! Each charm has a little memory attached to it, so I don’t think I could dare part with it! I haven’t actually worn this in a while, but I still adore it.

Tiffany & Co Necklace


I got this from my mum for my 18th birthday. I remember I used to ask for this necklace for ages and ages, but by the time it was my birthday, I had zero idea that I was actually going to get one! I used to wear this one necklace all the time. I’d even sleep and shower in it! Since I’m too scared to damage this one, I don’t wear it all the time, but I do try to put it on when I remember to!

Philip Jones Bracelet


This is my most recent piece in my collection! The beautiful Sophie brought me this for my last birthday, and I am in love with it. It’s super pretty and delicate, which I love in jewellery! It’s crazy since we haven’t even met yet, but she knows my taste so well!

What’s your favourite piece of jewellery you own?