Dear Little Me

Hi Little Brooke!

You alright?

Believe it or not, you actually made it to 20. A whole 20 years on this planet. Also, you managed to start walking again which is pretty fucking awesome.

Remember when your brother had to carry you to the toilet and back? Otherwise you’d pass out? Yeah, that stopped. You managed to start walking there to yourself.

I can say that it’s definitely been a rollercoaster.

Your health WILL improve, but it will only be temporary. Spend the good days doing something proactive.

You managed to sit 5 GCSE’s. Yes, a whole bloody 5.

You managed to see places which you could only dream of.

You’ve also made some pretty sick friends. Some are still around whilst others aren’t so much around anymore. That’s okay though! You’re still learning on who’s really there for you, and admittedly, you’re still learning now.

Can you remember that you told yourself that by 20, you’d be covered in tattoos? That didn’t happen because it turns out tattoos are expensive as fuck, and even now your immune system is still pretty shitty, so its not an easy ride. You’ve got two though if you were wondering.

You really should have stopped art. Perhaps if half way through the exam you didn’t throw your final exam piece in the bin, I’d still be doing it today. I really do miss it.

I hate to break it to you, but you’re pretty shit at driving. You’re going to end up buying a KA called Gunther, and you’ll end up driving him into a pole in your front garden. You’ll blame the car, but don’t worry. I still blame Gunther to this day.

You’ll pass your test on the third time, and you’ll have many mishaps with other cars and walls. Also a stag.

You’re going to shave half your head (which looks fucking awesome by the way), but just make sure you push through the growing out stage. It’s hard work. Also, remember to stay away from the clippers next time you’ve had a drink. It wasn’t so awesome when you had legit bald patches.

All my love,

Brooke x

P.S. Put the box of bleach down. You’ve killed your hair enough already.