Testing Out Primark Makeup

So I FINALLY managed to get my ass into Primark and pick up a few of their beauty products! I had heard so many great things about them, so I decided it was time that I actually tried them out myself! As soon as I got home, I wish I picked up a few more things, but hey ho, it gives me an excuse to go back!

PS… Get Lippy Matte Collection

Shade – Girls World

Price – £3.00

Weight (Liquid Lipstick) – 10ml

Weight (Lip Liner) – 1.5g

Packaging – The actual packaging of the lipliner and lipstick itself feel super cheap to me. I prefer the lipliner out of the two, but the lipstick feels like it’s made out of super cheap plastic. It also really annoys me how it doesn’t have a shade name on either products, so if I were to repurchase these, I’d have to bring the product with me into Primark, and try to find the same shade.

Performance – Despite having shitty packaging, the performance on these bad boys is incredible. They’re both super pigmented and have a instant matte finish. The only thing is that they do smudge quite a lot, so I doubt you would be able to eat a burger in this without it ending up on your chin.

Rating – 3.5/5

Swatch –


PS… Lip Lacquer Liquid Lipstick


Shade – Temptation

Price – £2.00

Weight – 5.6ml

Packaging – I really like the packaging on this one. It feels a lot more expensive compared to the liquid lipstick set. The one downfall for me is that it doesn’t stand up on its own which may be a problem for some people, but it doesn’t really affect me that much due to how I store my makeup.

Performance – The pigment again is crazy good. I stupidly have it stuck in my head that all liquid lipsticks will be a matte finish, so it took a while for my brain to realise why it wasn’t drying. If I knew it wasn’t going to be matte, I most likely wouldn’t have brought it, but saying that, it is a beautiful colour and does look super pretty on the lips. Do be careful with this since I found it to be pretty thick and gloopy at times, but with a thin layer, you’re good to go.

Rating – 3/5

Swatch – 


PS… High Pigment Blusher

Shade – Lustre

Price – £1.50

Weight – 4g

Packaging – I’m a fan of the packaging of this one. I like it when I can see the colour through a close lid since I’m pretty forgetful and too lazy to open all the lids of my blushers up.

Performance – Okay pigment… HELLO!! This is stunning! It is so beautiful and if someone told me that this was a high end brand, I would totally believe them.

Rating – 5/5

Swatch – 


PS… Master Eye Palette


Price – £6.00

Weight 12 x 1.5g

Packaging – The packaging reminds me a lot of the MAC palettes which I’m definitely not mad about! The only downside to it is that there isn’t a mirror, but this isn’t too much of a problem!

Performance – Again, the pigment on these are CRAZY good! I had a play around with them the other day, and I packed the product on my brush (thinking that they wouldn’t be very good), and the colour pay off was incredible! The only problem I had with these is there is quite a bit of kick back, and also they’re not the easiest to blend, but with a lot of blending, they work fine!

Rating – 4.5/5

Swatch – 



PS… Brow Pencil


Shade – Medium

Price – £1.00

Weight – 1g

Packaging – I’m a big fan when a brow pencil comes with its own spoolie, so big thumbs up for this!

Performance – For some reason, I didn’t take a photo of the swatch, but this is seriously good! Really pigmented and glides on really smooth! Possibly not the most natural looking brow product out there, but with a light hand, this works really well!

Rating – 4/5


Okay Primark. You’ve done good. I can’t believe the price of the products for how good of quality they are. I did hear somewhere that their products are all cruelty free, but since I can’t find a little rabbit on any of the products, I’m not 100% sure how true this is (someone enlighten me please!). I definitely will be going back soon to pick up some more of their products, and I definitely recommend checking out the PS… range if you’re wanting good pigmented products for a low price.

Have you ever tried any of Primark’s makeup? What did you think?





60 thoughts on “Testing Out Primark Makeup

      1. I’ve tried a lipstick, eyeliner and liquid eyeshadow so far and not got on with them. Maybe I’m just picking up the wrong things though I’ll have to try that blush. I’ve had a couple of their brushes that aren’t bad for the money too! x

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      2. I swatched it in store and love the colours, they don’t blend all that well and I had to wet my brush to get a good colour payoff but looks great on the eye! Wasn’t as keen on the glitter but I only got that to play around with really! x

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      3. The glitter palette was only £4 so I’m not too bothered. Might do a review on it but yeah they’re great colours but the glitter is like only on the top layer if that makes sense? Think I will hit pan on them pretty quick x

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  1. They’re amazing! I have one of the Flormar lipsticks that claim to be long-lasting and that’s exactly what they are. Definitely going to try that master eye palette sometime xx

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  2. Delighted I found this!! Going on Saturday and plan to spend ages there!! I cannot wait!! Its been forever!!!! Ok 2 months but still 🙂
    DYING to try the lip kit for sure!! Didn’t think of the blush but after seeing a 5/5 i’m in!
    Did you see any of the beauty and the beast stuff?? Tempted i must say 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Girl I could kiss you! I got it over the weekend and I’m loving it!!! Not sure on the lip kit if I’m honest. I got a metallic one and i think it doesn’t suit my complexion. Next time I’m in I’m gonna look for a matte one!! Thanks for the tips xxx

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      2. I’m after popping in again this week and bought a crap load of hair items!! I’ve chopped it off a bit and needed some new things!! Less than £15 and a massive bag full!! What would we do with out Primark 🙂 xxx

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  3. I own only a lip pencil from primark and the color of it is horrible 😂 We don’t have primark here where I live so I can’t really get my hands on these but I would love to try their blushes!! xx

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