How To Wear Outrageous Coloured Makeup

Step 1: Find Outrageous Coloured Makeup

Step 2: Purchase Product(s)

Step 3: Wear Product(s)

Step 4: Walk Out The House With Said Product(s) On And Your Middle Finger Up

Every magazine or beauty website will have articles about the right shade for your skin tone, and yes, I do agree that there are certain colours that complement different skin tones better than others, but this shouldn’t stop you from wearing whatever the hell you want.

Say you want to wear a certain colour, but a magazine has told you to stay away from it? Fuck them. Wear what the hell you want, and wear it with pride.

I’m sick to death of seeing people say how they would love to wear a certain colour, but since they’re a certain skin tone, they’ve been told to stay away from it. Hell no. If you like a product and you feel comfortable wearing it… Fucking wear it.