Favourite Beauty Hacks – Guest Post

Hey, guys! I’m Cassi. I blog over at cassixmakeup. Today I have the pleasure of writing a guest post for the awesome Brooke Clarke. We decided it would be fun to share some beauty hacks with you guys. These are hacks I use all the time, some everyday. Let’s get into it!


The first hack is not using your finger to apply multi-use face masks like this that come in jars or plastic containers. Instead, use one of the flat “foundation” brushes that no one uses for foundation. When you use your fingers, the bacteria and dirt naturally found on your fingers will get into the mask and the next time you use the mask you’ll be putting all of that dirt and bacteria onto your face. This can cause break outs and pretty much void the benefits of the mask all together. Using the brush (and washing the brush between uses with the mask) keep the product just like new!


My second hack is blotting your lipstick. This helps your lipstick last longer, stops the lipstick from getting on your teeth, and even matte-ifies it a little bit. This step can be done as many time as you like. The more times you do it, the better the results. In the photos I used Aquarius by ColourPop in their satin lip formula.


And the last hack is warming up your lash curler before curling your lashes. This makes the curl in the lashes more significant and makes it last a lot longer. You can use a hot tool for this like a straightener or blow dryer, but make sure you check to make sure the curler isn’t too hot before you put it in your eye. I usually just stick the curler under my leg or under my arm while I’m doing the rest of my makeup. This makes the curler just warm enough to do what I want it to do, but not too hot. In the photo you can obviously tell the difference. Both sides were curled, but one was curled with a warmed lash curler and then I let the curler cool down for a while and I did the other side. I used the same curler and mascara for both sides. The difference is crazy!

A bonus hack for you guys is cleaning up the inner eye sockets with concealer after applying eyeshadow. For me at least, when I don’t clean it up, the transition shades give the effect of more sunken in eyes or a more bruised look to that area. I just use a concealer brush and use a small amount of product. I blend the concealer into the transition shades and use the brush I applied the lightest crease color with and go over it a bit to ensure there’s no harsh lines. I find this just brightens my face and make me look more awake and lively. I did this trick on one eye and not the other for the mascara hack photo. Can you tell the difference?

And that’s a wrap for my first guest post! I had so much fun writing it! I want to say thank you to Brooke for doing this with me. You’re a great blogging friend! I hope you guys liked this post and try these hacks. I absolutely love them! Thank you all for reading. I’ll see ya later!



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