Trying Out Three Different Makeup Trends?!

Hey everyone!

Today, I’m collaborating with the beautiful Cassi! We’ve had this planed for a while, but due to life being a bit crazy, I haven’t been able to post this sooner, so a big sorry to Cassi!

We’re going to be testing out three different makeup trends and tell you all our thoughts and feelings!

Make sure you head over to Cassi’s page to check out her thoughts on different makeup trends!

Bright Eyeliner

This is something I’ve been doing for a while now, and I am HOOKED! I had been getting a bit bored of the usual black winged eyeliner, so I first decided to try out a blue. For some reason, even though I wear blue the most, I can’t see to find a non-blurred photo of me with the blue on! After a while of getting bored of the blue, I’ve now found love in greens, reds and purples! I love how it can mix up your usual makeup, and I find that I hardly reach for my black eyeliner now!

Glitter Brows

I had never experimented with glitter before this, and I’m actually quite digging it. It’s not something that I would be seen daily in, but I think it would be super fun at a festival or when you’re going on a night out. The only problem I had with this is that I found glitter EVERYWHERE for weeks after this. In my hair, on my feet, on my floor, you name it. Whilst this was fun, I couldn’t imagine how much of a pain it would be to do more than this amount.

Two Toned Lips

Now, even though I think this is the most ‘fun’ trend I tried out, I’m still not totally convinced on it. I’ve seen people do it with different shades of the same colour and I think it looks amazing, but go hard or go home, right?! I found it SUPER difficult to resit smacking my lips together, but maybe with a good quality matte lipstick, you wouldn’t have a problem. Again, I do think that this would be good on a special occasion, just maybe not two completely different colours.

And there we have it! Three beauty trends tried and tested!

A massive thank you to Cassi for collaborating with my again! It’s such an honour! You all most likely already know this, but Cassi truly is such an amazing person, and I’m super happy we’re now in contact with each other!


What’s yourΒ favourite makeup trend?


41 thoughts on “Trying Out Three Different Makeup Trends?!

      1. Exactly! I was only thinking today how when I was younger, I would always play around with bright coloured eyeshadows, and then when I got older, I started to play with more nude and neutral colours, and now I want to go back to colours haha! Makeup is definitely something to play around with!

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