Testing Out The ‘Vamp Stamp’?!

Please ignore the shitty lightening and naked face. It was midnight and there was no way I was putting on a full face of makeup to test this out.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of this product, but if you haven’t, the Vamp Stamp is essentially an eyeliner stamp which you either stamp into a gel eyeliner or brush on liquid eyeliner and stamp onto your eye, creating a perfect winged eyeliner every time.

You can either buy directly off of the Vamp Stamp website, or through another company such as Cult Beauty or Wowcher like I did.



As much as I wanted to try and get my hands on this as soon as it came out, I didn’t feel like spending $25/£19.44 through the direct website (plus the ridiculous shipping charges to get it over to the U.K) on a product which may not even work.

I was tempted to get this from Cult Beauty, but again, I wasn’t too keen on possibly wasting £22.50.

It was only when I was recently was having a nosey on Amazon when I came across the one and only, Vamp Stamp for £3.99.



The outer box that the Vamp Stamp arrives in has everything that you need to know. It has clear directions on the side of the box, a diagram to the actual stamp and all their contact details that you may need to know for whatever reason.

The stamp itself is shaped in a black prism which is very lightweight and has two purple silicon stamp heads on either side (a left stamp and a right stamp).



As said above, the box clearly states how to use this wing maker. The box says:

  1. Dip The Vamp Stamp into Vink Eyeliner Ink (sold separately) or your favourite liquid or gel liner. Make sure stamp is fully coated with eyeliner ink.
  2. Align to the edge of your eye as indicated and press on in a quick stamping motion to avoid smears or smudges.
  3. Continue the line along the upper lid to complete the look. Repeat on opposite eye.

Simple, right?!


Now I didn’t think that I had a gel eyeliner in a pot (as I write this, I’ve remembered where I’ve put mine…), so I grabbed my ABH Brow Pomade and stamped the silicone end into the gel.

I had to go in a few times and give it a little jiggle around, just to make sure I had every area coated.

I will say that it did leave the stamp quite messy, and I did have to go around the edges with a tissue to remove the excess, just to eliminate a messy wing.

I followed the directions, and stamped it onto my eye in a quick motion and pulled it away.

Now, I had never watched any un-sponsdered reviews of this, so I wasn’t entirely sure on what to expect.

When I removed the stamp, I was left with such a beautiful wing. Not perfect, but still pretty damn good.

I repeated the process on the other side, and even writing about it now, I’m still impressed.

The only downside I have to this is that I had to go over the stamped area with more of the Brow Pomade, since it was slightly patchy in the centre, but it left a clear outline of where the stamp had been, meaning that I didn’t have to worry about over filling in and making the two eyes look uneven. Perhaps if I used a liquid eyeliner instead, I wouldn’t of had this problem.


I’m actually impressed. I wish I looked more carefully and brought the small or medium (I rarely have my winged eyeliner this big), but it’s not the worst size in the world.

I will say it’s not the most crisp eyeliner I’ve ever seen, but it does the job and would be perfect for beginners, people who alway rush in the morning or have shaky hands.

I’m not convinced that it will replace me doing my eyeliner freehand, but if I was having a bad liner day, I would definitely find myself reaching for this.

I still don’t think it’s worth £20+, but for £3.99, you can’t really go wrong with this.

What do you think of the Vamp Stamp? Would it be your savour or your enemy?

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