The other day, I got a text off of my friend saying how ASOS were bringing out their own beauty box, simply named ‘The ASOS Box’, and me being me, I had to buy it straight away.

You pay £12 for 6 different beauty related items. Now, I already knew what I was going to be receiving since it shows all the products in the images on the website. I kinda like my boxes to be a surprise, but even after seeing the products, I definitely wasn’t complaining.

3ina Make-Up Remover


I’m always down for trying a new makeup remover. I used this to get rid of the swatches after this post, and I’m actually quite impressed. I’m not a big fan of oil makeup removers, but this is doesn’t leave me feeling too greasy.

RRP – £6.95

NYX Eyeliner – Sunrise Blue


I’m all for a bright eyeliner, so this is right up my alley. It’s super pigmented and glides on so smoothly. Love love love.


RRP – £5.50

Mini Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick – Riley


Love this! This is my first ever Lime Crime products, and even thought there has been a LOT of drama around Lime Crime, this lipstick is stunning.

RRP – I couldn’t unfortunately find a price for the mini version, and my brain isn’t cooperating with me today so I can’t work it out…

Rimmel Radiance Brick Bronzer

This is the only product I’m not too impressed with. I feel like it’s one of them products that you have to scratch the top layer off first, but it just doesn’t work for me. Also, I think it’s worth noting that I am quite pale, so I can’t imagine this working for any dark skinned beauties.

RRP – £5.99

Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara


My mum has tried this mascara and said how much of a bitch it was to remove… I love the packaging and how it has a mirror on the side, but I’m just a bit weary to try it out, knowing its not going to be a walk in the park to remove.

RPP – £9.99

Luxie Small Tapered Blending Eye Brush


Can never go wrong with a eyeshadow brush. This is the one I’m most excited to try out. It’s super soft and very fluffy, so I cannot wait to have a play.

RRP – £9.50

What do you think of the ASOS box? Will you be getting one?


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