Money Saving Tricks For Beauty Products

DIY Storage

I will admit it. The see-through drawers that you see in every beauty guru’s posts are amazing. But also expensive. I always use boxes to keep my products organised. Subscription boxes, shoe box lids, take away plastic boxes, cutlery drawers, shower cadies… The list goes on! I always pop these into my main storage, and organise my products by type. So all my lipsticks are stood up in a Birchbox drawer. Then my face products are stored in a shower cady with the suction pads taken off. It makes everything look nicer, easier to find, nothing budges when I take away one product, and its cheap as chips! You’ll be surprised what you have lying around that you can use!

Put Makeup Wipes In A Tupperwear Container:

This is something I came across when i brought too many makeup wipes and wanted them all in one place. Not only does it save space if you have multiple packets, but it also stops them from drying out! I am famous for wasting a pack of makeup wipes because I have forgotten to seal the packet back up. This makes them last for ages!

Don’t Buy Pre-Soaked Cotton Pads:

This is one of my beauty pet peeves. I understand that their easy to travel with, but the price of them?! No thanks. For example, I LOVE the Pixi Glow Tonic. They also have a tub of pre-soaked pads to take around. Good idea if you weren’t getting next to nothing product for a ridiculous price. Get a tupperware box and pop in as many as you want/need. Then soak them babies up in the product you already own. It works out so much cheaper, and you’ll actually get more product! Result.

Label Your Products ‘Opened’ Date:

I know for a fact I have products that have gone past their use by date. Gross, I know. Putting stickers on your products with the date that you opened it will not only save you from using out of date makeup, but also make you aware of what to use up first. For example, label your mascara, and then don’t buy/open another until you know that one has either reached its date, or all used up. Win win.

Read Reviews First:

Whenever I buy a new product, i always look at reviews of it first. Yes, sometimes 100 people could say it was the worst product that they’ve ever used, but you may fall in love with it. But that’s very unlikely. Lets say you have oily skin, and the reviews all say it’s not suitable for oily skin. Don’t buy it.

Test Out Them Testers:

For some reason, I always forget to ask for any testers that stores may have for products. For example, I know Lush will give you testers of products for free. This is an amazing way to try before you buy, and see how well you actually get along with something before wasting your money.