Hey guys!

Nothing super interesting in this post, apart from the fact my WP seems to be unfollowing people?!

Just wanted to put a little message out there to everyone I start following again, and say that I’m not too sure whats going on!

Also, please leave me a little message down below if we’ve ever spoken/have a good relationship, or I’ve collaborated with you in the past!

I promise it’s my WP being a little bitch!

Sorry again folks! x

P.S This is 100% not a follow for follow post. Whilst I do want to follow people back that I have a good relationship with, please don’t leave comments asking me to follow you if we’ve never corrisponded! x


27 thoughts on “Unfollowing?!

      1. I went over to the dark side a few months back and went with Bluehost. At the time they where the cheapest! I did it myself moving over as to have it done for me was like Β£150… If your really worried about doing it yourself you could always save up and go for that option…. Do you know anyone handy with this stuff? Mine was a good bit of trial and error but I’d say I could talk you through it if ya need me! xxx

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  1. I also found out that happens when you go self-hosted. Mine has been all sorts of screwed up since then. WP keeps notifying me that I’ve followed myself…which I never did…I asked WP support about it and they gave me some answer that made no sense and didn’t fix the problem because it’s still happening. πŸ™„ Must just be a glitch in some code somewhere!

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