Hey boys and gals!

So as you may know, I started back at work yesterday!

If you’re new to my blog, I’ve been off work for 6 months due to having endometriosis removal and diagnosis surgery and dealing with the complications of that. It’s not been fun.

I stated in a few posts back that I was returning on the 22nd September (yesterday), and wanted to write a quick update of how it went!

So the company I work for recently brought and opened their second pub, and before my 6 months off, I was pretty adamant that I wouldn’t want to work there since I had been at the original place from the beginning.

After having a few meetings with various different people, we actually decided it would be best off if I did start at the newer site as it’s a lot more quieter, meaning it would be a nice way to start me back off at work.

So, not only was I TERRIFIED for starting work again, I was also shitting myself due to being the new girl again, which is something I haven’t been in nearly two years.

My new boss rang me on Thursday, and asked if I was able to come in for 11am, and work until 3pm.

When I arrived, I was expecting to be set as the lunch waitress, but due to our computers having a melt down, all of our menus had vanished off of the system, meaning I had to retype and redesign all of them all over again.

As boring as it sounds, I actually prefered being to ease myself back into work that way, instead of being on my feet all day.

It may not sound like a lot of hours, but damn has it wiped it out of me. The last few hours of my shift really started to take its toll on my stomach pain, and I ended up falling asleep at 8pm that evening.

Today, I’m pretty much forcing myself to stay in bed to try to recover, which means hopefully I’ll be all okay for whenever my next shift is.

Fingers crossed I can find a good balance soon!

Also, blogging wise, I know I said how I wasn’t going to be posting everyday, but that sort of only lasted around 3 days. Despite how much hard work it is posting that often, I bloody missed it.

I’m going to try to keep up with posting 7 days a week, but try not to be too hard on myself if I miss a day.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work trying to find a good balance between working, blogging and keeping well, but I’m hoping that I can be back full time by the end of this year.

All my love x

*Featured image provided by my works IG page.


24 thoughts on “BACK TO WORK UPDATE!

  1. Awww I was only thinking of you today and how you got on!! Glad to hear you eased back in nice and easy!! No doubt you’ll find it tiring getting back into the habit! Fingers crossed with your new routine balance xxx

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  2. So proud of you Brooke, I did see this blog pop up in my emails and wanted to reply when I had a minute.
    I totally understand how a few hours can wipe you out, you should be incredibly proud of yourself. And it was a nice less stressful way to enter back into work in the end. Hope you continue to improve and require less rest days xxx

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